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Fearless, adversarial journalism.
Julian Assange ⌛
733420 followers   Embassy of Ecuador, United Kingdom
Publisher @WikiLeaks; I open governments. Arbitrarily detained in violation of UN ruling WGAD/54/2015. Unless otherwise stated positions are my own.
Micah Lee
29116 followers   .onion
Security engineer, open source developer, journalist. Signal: 415-964-1601
Dana Rohrabacher
36813 followers   Huntington Beach, CA
U.S. Congressman representing CA-48. Former speechwriter for President Reagan. Surfer and father of 8 year old triplets.
Sibel Edmonds
46808 followers   Bend Oregon
Editor & Publisher-Newsbud, Author of 'Classified Woman' & The Lone Gladio
Elizabeth Lea Vos
7868 followers   United States
Editor In Chief @DisobedientNews Retweets are not endorsements.
Ben Collins
18708 followers   New York, NY
Senior News Editor, dystopia beat, @TheDailyBeast.
Cora Currier
8306 followers   Los Angeles, CA
Editing and reporting @theintercept PGP etc:
WikiLeaks Task Force
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Official @WikiLeaks support account. Correct misinformation about #WikiLeaks, amplify our publications - join the WL Task force! #defendWL RT ≠ endorsement.
Glenn Greenwald
Journalist with @TheIntercept - author, No Place to Hide - dog/animal fanatic - HOPE Shelter (
Daily Mail Online
For the latest updates on breaking news visit our website #seriouslypopular
Jimmy Dore
113398 followers   Hollywood, CA
My show, Stand Up Podcast Book
1525 followers   Richmond, Va
The place where passionate and fact driven commentary intersects politics and society.
Dr. Jill Stein🌻
265718 followers   Massachusetts
Green Party 2016 candidate for President, activist, medical doctor, environmental health advocate. Account managed by staff. #ItsInOurHands
David Frum
Senior Editor, The Atlantic. Author, "Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic" (HarperCollins, Jan. 2018)
Susan R Schwaiger
232 followers   AZ formerly NJ, NY, KY, WA, TN
Liberal, mom, gay, attorney, boomer, not all that patriotic UNTIL NOW! We must inspire 92 mil not voting in 2016 to vote IN THEIR OWN BEST INTERESTS in 2018.
stefania maurizi
Journalist working for La Repubblica(ex Espresso):has worked on many releases with WikiLeaks+Snowden files.PGP:7F41 E581 3AFF E2FC 5A28 4127 00C9 7377 9627 C51D

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