Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Sebastian Gorka DrG
211564 followers   Washington, DC
Deputy Assistant to the 45th American President 🔴 Irregular Warfare Strategist 🔴 Author of DEFEATING JIHAD 🔴 Personal Account (Official Acc.: @SebGorkaPOTUS45)
Matthew Nussbaum
17382 followers   Washington, DC
White House reporter at Politico.
Josh Dawsey
41436 followers   DC
POLITICO White House reporter. Proud @WSJ & Room 9 alum. Southerner & New Yorker at heart. Cigar & bourbon kind of guy. What can we do to get you on the news?
Ben White
83048 followers   NYC
POLITICO Chief Economic Correspondent and Morning Money columnist. CNBC contributor. I Tweet about sports a lot. Sorry.
Eliana Johnson
28192 followers   Washington, DC * Missing NYC
National Political Reporter @politico. Formerly @NRO Washington Editor, Fox News producer / gchat: eliana.y.johnson

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