Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Ed Gillespie
39853 followers   Virginia
Longtime conservative leader, small business owner and 2017 Republican nominee for Virginia Governor. Get more updates @EdForVirginia.
Virginia Tech
54221 followers   Blacksburg, Virginia
We are #VirginiaTech. Likes: #UtProsim (That I May Serve), the nation's best food, our #Hokies. Dislikes: What's there to dislike? Also follow @vtnews.
Donald J. Trump
40695515 followers   Washington, DC
45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸
Ralph Northam
32627 followers   Virginia
Virginia's lieutenant governor. Husband, father, doctor, and veteran. Classic car enthusiast, defender of Virginia values, and candidate for governor.
Joe Biden
2400285 followers   Washington, D.C.
Represented Delaware in the Senate for 36 years, 47th Vice President of the United States, husband to Jill, proud father and grandfather.
Jim Caldwell
16146 followers   Lexington, Ky
I've been doing TV weather since I was a kid. I still haven't grown up. Morning/Noon Meteorologist @WKYT former @WYMT Chief Meteorologist. snapchat jcaldwellwx
100827 followers   Lego Dimensions
Writer of comics and animation, repped by Ari Lubet,
⚜️Donna Noble ⚜️
6577 followers   TARDIS
Dumped at the alter, Companion of the 10th Doctor, Doctor Donna until the memory wipe to keep my brain from exploding #GeeksResist #TheResistance #Ally🌈 💜
62123 followers   The Atmosphere
Our mission is to promote meteorology & weather photography. Weekly Photo comp with @RMetS: Meteorologists :
Commander Shran 🇵🇷
6591 followers   GeeksResist Headquarters
I'm not a snowflake but Lordy there is ice water in my veins. #GeeksResist #TheResistance #DonnyDaycare #VoteBlue #FBR #SaveACA #KumariCrew💙
THE Princess 👑
18131 followers   GeeksResist Headquarters
All sectors of every galaxy must unite against the Empire & Palpatine #GeeksResist #StarWars #RebelAlliance Proud #RebelScum #Jedi #RWU 🇵🇷
Debbie Sideris🌈❄
8116 followers   Ohio, USA
R.N. Here b/c trump 🚫LISTS! #TheResistance #FBR #PetsResist #StillWithHer #LGBTQIA #ProtectOurCare #NoBanNoWallNoRaids #DACA #TakeAKnee #HelpPuertoRico
Agent ☠️ Scully 🇺🇸
10520 followers   GeeksResist Headquarters
All lies lead to the truth. #GeeksResist #HonoraryJedi #RebelScum 🖖 #LawyersResist #RBA⚖️ #TheResistance #Indivisible #ShePersisted #STEMinist #MTFBWYLLAPTTIOT
Lucifer Morningstar
5428 followers   Club LUX, GeeksResist HQ
I retired from Hell for this? #TheResistance #UniteBlue #GeeksResist #SinnersResist NO LISTS DAMN YOU. I follow back after vetting. Cheers!
8308 followers   Huntington,WV
Meteorologist. Strategist. Overall Enthusiast. Into a little of everything. Chief meteorologist WOWK & WVNS TV stations.
The Loyal Opposition
9797 followers   United States
A civic call to action PAC. We focus on Autocracy, Constitution, Corruption, Kleptocracy & #TrumpRussia. Trying to remain free. #Resist -- #LoyalO
Gerry Hamilton
36839 followers   Jupiter, FL
ESPN National Recruiting Analyst, father of awesome 11 year old, @AllAmericaGame, Basset owner
Fenit Nirappil
3706 followers   Washington, DC
Covering regional politics for @WashingtonPost. Stakeholders should only describe vampire hunters. Ex-@AP Sacramento, @Oregonian
Laura Vozzella
Washington Post reporter covering politics in Richmond.
VAGovernor's Mansion
817 followers   Richmond, Virginia
Built in 1813, Virginia's Executive Mansion is the oldest continually occupied Governor's residence in the United States.
Washington Examiner
114390 followers   Washington, DC
Political news and commentary from the Washington Examiner. Follow our journalists on Twitter:
Kellyanne Conway
1797116 followers   Washington, DC
Counselor to the President
Please meet me at @8pm, or at
Vic So'oto
5079 followers   Charlottesville, VA
SILVERBACK D Line Coach at University of Virginia. Earned Not Given. NFL Vet. #HoosRising
Rusty Mansell
32731 followers   Rome,Georgia
Recruiting Analyst for 247Sports/ @Dawgs247.and @CBSSportsNet
Chad Simmons
38781 followers   Georgia, USA
Believer, Husband, Father and Recruiting Analyst for Rivals/YAHOO! | Phil. 4:13
Coach K Watson
6657 followers   Grayson GA
Founder and Director True19 and True2.0 Game #True19 #True2.0 Boston College Alumni
Chris Bailey
78953 followers   Kentucky
WKYT Chief Meteorologist Chris Bailey

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