Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Donald J. Trump
32865735 followers   Washington, DC
45th President of the United States of America
Dems Against Trump
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We are The Democratic Coalition Against Trump- the home of #AntiTrump movement. #BoycottTrump app developer & #TrumpLeaks creators
Washington Post
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Tweet-length breaking news, analysis from around the world. Founded in 1877. Follow our journalists on Twitter:
Devin Nunes
RTs do not equal endorsement. This is my personal Twitter account. If you have questions about my official activities please visit my website.
Randi Doeker
417 followers   Denver, CO
Poly Sc major who could never kick the habit. Worked in US Senate during Watergate. Silicon Valley alum. Expert in an itty bitty sliver of bird conservation.
290 followers   New York, USA
Desperate seeker of truth and peace. #TheResistance
Natasha Bertrand
27449 followers   New York, NY
Senior reporter @BusinessInsider covering politics and national security.
John Schindler
241930 followers   UBIQUE
#Natsec columnist @observer, security consultant, author, provocateur, bon vivant, polyglot, counterintelligencer, cat guardian. Formerly NSA, NAVSECGRU, NWC.
Lindsey Graham
197766 followers   South Carolina
The official Twitter feed for United States Senator Lindsey Graham.
Andrew C. McCarthy
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Bestselling author. Contributing Editor at National Review & Fellow at NR Inst. Former Chief Asst. U.S. Attorney
Paul Ryan
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Office of the 54th Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.
Donald Trump Jr.
EVP of Development & Acquisitions @Trump Organization and Boardroom Advisor on the Apprentice.
It’s our job to #GoThere & tell the most difficult stories. Join us! For more breaking news updates follow @CNNBRK & Download our app 📲
Roger Stone
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Host of @StoneColdTruth, long time Trump advisor, NY Times Bestselling Author, rabble rouser, Libertarian conservative. My new film:
FOX & friends
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America's #1 cable morning news show
President Trump
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45th President of the United States of America, @realDonaldTrump. Tweets archived:
Erin Burnett
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Anchor of Erin Burnett OutFront.
Boca Vista
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Trump or NONE!
Alan Dershowitz
63677 followers   Cambridge, MA
Professor at Harvard Law School for 50 years, now emeritus. Active in litigation, writing, and defense of civil liberties and human rights.
Caroline O.
#Feminist. Behavioral Scientist. "Long-time Trump critic." Liberal in my politics & my use of snark
11267 followers   New York, USA
Contributing Editor, Daily Kos
Eric Trump
Executive Vice President of The @Trump Organization. Husband to @LaraLeaTrump. Large advocate of @StJude Children's Research Hospital. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
Ivanka Trump
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Wife, mother, sister, daughter. Entrepreneur & advocate for the education & empowerment of women & girls. This is my personal page. Views expressed are my own.
The New York Times
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Where the conversation begins. Follow for breaking news, special reports, RTs of our journalists and more from
David Brooks
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Op-Ed columnist, @nytopinion. Author of The Road to Character, The Social Animal, and Bobos in Paradise.
Ken Dilanian
37528 followers   Washington, DC
Intelligence and national security reporter for the NBC News Investigative Unit, based in Washington. Former AP, LA Times, USA TODAY, Philadelphia Inquirer.
Kyle Griffin
165425 followers   Manhattan, NY
Producer. MSNBC's @TheLastWord. Honorary Aussie. Opinions mine. Please clap.
R. Saddler 📎
237476 followers   Minnesota
We all need to unite against injustice #Resist #TheResistance #TrumpRussia #Indivisible #TNTweeters #ctl #demforce #UniteBlue #p2 #NODAPL #Ω #RussiaGate
Allegra Kirkland
7748 followers   New York
Reporter at @TPM. Reach me off Twitter at

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