Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Mark Green
1st NYC Pub Advocate. Author/editor 23 books, most recently, "Bright, Infinite Future: Generational Memoir on Progressive Rise". Founder & CEO, @ShadowingTrump
Tom Rogan
11691 followers   Washington, DC
Commentary @DCExaminer. Sat to the left of Dr. John @MclaughlinGroup. or
Tarek Fatah
356654 followers   Toronto, Ontario
Author, 'Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State' (Wiley). 'The Jew is Not My Enemy' (McClelland). Fellow, Middle East Forum. Columnist, Toronto Sun.
Justin Trudeau
3996398 followers   Papineau
Account run by the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada and staff… Compte géré par le 23e premier ministre du Canada et personnel.
Conservative Party
123196 followers   Canada
Canada’s Official Opposition, led by @AndrewScheer. Pour le français, suivez @PCC_HQ
Belle Desi
19 followers   Kerala, India & Hollywood, CA
Hollywood Blogger with an affinity for Fitness, Travel and espresso beans, not necessarily in that order, with a penchant for eclectic cafes and travel escape
Andrew Scheer
Leader of the Official Opposition and Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada I Chef de l'Opposition officielle et chef du Parti conservateur du Canada

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