Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Rick Scott
227845 followers   The Sunshine State
Senator from the great state of Florida. Fighting for Florida families and to Make Washington Work. #LetsGetToWork
andrew kaczynski
305506 followers   New York, USA
reporter at CNN's KFile. Flex Cam winner at a @BrooklynNets game. Likes cats.
Joyce Alene
234976 followers   Alabama
U of Alabama Law Professor|@MSNBC Contributor|Obama US Atty in B'ham|25 year federal prosecutor|Wife & Mom of 4|Knitting a lot while watching the future
Ryan Fournier
634145 followers   Washington, DC & Raleigh, NC
Political Commentator and Analyst - Chairman of @TrumpStudents - President of @XStrategiesDC -
Andrew Cuomo
851157 followers   New York
Father, fisherman, motorcycle enthusiast, 56th Governor of New York
Paula Dockery
8012 followers   Lakeland
Former Florida State Senator, loves the Gators and NASCAR. Writes a weekly syndicated political column. Enjoys a good healthy debate on the issues
David Fahrenthold
626955 followers   Washington, DC
Washington Post reporter, covering President Trump's businesses and conflicts of interest. MSNBC contributor. Tips?
Politically Homeless. You idiots own the train wreck I don't. Snarky bitch and come from legal Cuban immigrants & proud of it. #SeaMexicansUnite #SassyLatina
Evan McMullin
475429 followers   United States
Executive Director @StandUpRepublic w/@mindyfinn. Former CIA ops officer, GOP policy director, independent presidential candidate.🇺🇸

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