Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
China Commission
18831 followers   Washington, DC
The Congressional-Executive Commission on China was created to monitor human rights & rule of law in China & submit an annual report to the President & Congress
Denise Ho (HOCC)
254005 followers   HONG KONG
Hong Kong singer/producer, pro-democracy and LGBTQI activist.
Joshua Wong 黃之鋒
339945 followers   Hong Kong
Activist from Hong Kong. Secretary General of @demosisto. Email: Donation:
HRIC 中国人权
34990 followers   New York, USA; Hong Kong, PRC
Founded in March 1989, HRIC is dedicated to promoting international human rights and advancing the institutional protection of these rights in #China.
David Lammy
563321 followers   Tottenham and Westminster
Labour MP for Tottenham. Former Minister (Higher Education, Culture, Justice, Health) now on the backbenches telling it like it is.
Bas Belder
Member of European Parliament (SGP) 1999-2019 / Foreign Affairs / Israël / China / Taiwan / Freedom of belief
Solomon Yue
14819 followers   Salem, Oregon, USA
Vice Chairman & CEO at Republicans Overseas, RNC Member since 2000, Co-founder of RNC Republican National Conservative Caucus & Conservative Steering Committee
308330 followers   Hong Kong
蘋果social media team一年四季風雨不改,為香港及世界華人分享精選新聞及網絡新鮮事。Apple Daily is the largest news media group in HK with live streaming, breaking news and animated news.
Marco Rubio
3952059 followers   United States
Follower of Christ,Husband,Father,US Senator for Florida, #GatorNation & #FinsUp. Official tweets @SenRubioPress & Campaign tweets @TeamMarco
Nigeria Police Force
950854 followers   NIGERIA
Official Twitter account of The Nigeria Police Force | Crime News @PoliceNG_News | 24/7 #CustomerService @PoliceNG_CRU
Alex Stamos
56272 followers   San Francisco, CA
Recovering CISO teaching and researching safe tech at the Stanford Internet Observatory. “Less diplomatic on Twitter...” - DigiDay
Daley Kong 🎃
8294 followers   DK Isle
Engagement Director @PlaytonicGames. Previously @Rareltd. Looks a bit like Kazooie. Voice of Queen Phoebee. DKC. Synthwave. She/Her. 💗
Brian Leung Kai-Ping
3229 followers   Hong Kong
Hongkonger; Political Science PhD student @UW; Email:; ''Wherever you go, you will be a polis'' - Arendt
James Palmer
Senior editor @ForeignPolicy. Author of Bloody White Baron, The Death of Mao, and upcoming Heaven's Empires. Married to @larsonchristina. Beijinger at heart.
Corey Amodio
201 followers   The Midwest
Hello There.
SCMP Hong Kong
2116 followers   Hong Kong
News and analysis about Hong Kong from the South China Morning Post.
Foreign Policy
The magazine for global politics, economics, and ideas 🌎 || Follow our staff here:
Stefanie Delaney
77 followers   Philadelphia, PA
I'm here to learn. I prefer 😂 to "LOL" Also I think "let that sink in" needs to stop. Journey sucks. #tuckfrump
3579256 followers   MAVIN HQ

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