Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
CNN International
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Breaking news from around the world, plus business, style, travel, sport and entertainment. We #gothere.
Gerome Gutierrez
Unbiased and unleashed
Pauline Hanson 🇦🇺
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Official Twitter | My tweets are signed -PH Facebook: | Authorised by P Hanson, Pauline Hanson's One Nation, Brisbane.
Maria Engström
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I like ⎍⎍ square waves ⎍⎍, candy and kittens.
Timothy E Kaldas
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Analyst, Risk Consultant, Photographer, Whisky Lover & Professional Cynic. Non-Resident Fellow at @timepDC. Tweets are my personal opinion.
Carl Zha
Random trivia generator, tweet about everything Chinese, also run a podcast about China, US-China Great Power competition, history of Empires, past and present.
Christiane Amanpour
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@CNN Chief International Anchor. Host of @CNNi and @PBS's nightly global affairs program. &
Nancy Pelosi
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Speaker of the House, focused on strengthening America's middle class and creating jobs; mother, grandmother, dark chocolate connoisseur.
Matt Couch 🎙
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Christian, Father of 2, Investigator, Founder The DC Patriot & America First Media Group, Razorback, NRA, Truth Slinger
MAGA 💖🇺🇸💖 2 Win BIGLY!
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#MAGA 💖🇺🇸💖 #KAG #FinishTheWall #Trump2020 #AmericansHelpingAmericans #LoveLibertyLife #ProtectTheFamily #AmericaFirst #RejectFeminism #NoRedFlagLaws
Cathay Pacific
Welcome to the #cathaypacific Twitter page. We want to help you #MoveBeyond – whether it’s discovering what’s next from our updates, or moving forward in life.

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