Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Donald J. Trump
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45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸
The New York Times
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Where the conversation begins. Follow for breaking news, special reports, RTs of our journalists and more from
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This is the official Twitter account of the home of real liberal politics
Caroline O.
#Feminist. Behavioral Scientist. "Long-time Trump critic." Liberal in my politics & my use of snark
Rep. Eric Swalwell
126478 followers   East Bay, CA & DC (CA-15)
Nelson's Dad. Husband. Rep SF Bay in Congress. Sr. Dem for @cia on Intel Cmte. Fighting for all to be more, make more & dream more. #FreedomToDream
Washington Post
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Tweet-length breaking news, analysis from around the world. Founded in 1877. Follow our journalists on Twitter:
Mike Quigley
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#IL05 Congressman, House Appropriator, member of Intel Committee, amateur hockey player & hopeful Cubs fan
Joaquin Castro
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Texas Congressman, Member of the House Foreign Affairs and House Intelligence Committees
Natasha Bertrand
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Political correspondent @BusinessInsider covering national security and foreign policy. encrypted:
President Trump
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45th President of the United States of America, @realDonaldTrump. Tweets archived:
Adam Schiff
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Representing California's 28th Congressional District and Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee.
Louise Neu
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amateur #fecdotgovnerd/ex-GS & hedge fund/dog clothing maker/feminist/my Twitter Moments=deep dives into #TrumpRussia.
Politics Insider
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The latest political news and analysis from @BusinessInsider. Follow BI politics reporters @maxwelltani, @eliza_relman, and @akarl_smith, and editor @PamEngel12
Mother Jones
Investigative journalism, politics, chart-tastic, sometimes sarcastic.
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Stay relevant. News and analysis on politics, science, technology, and culture.
Michael S. Schmidt
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Washington correspondent for @NYTimes
Wendy Siegelman
Citizen Journalist, wrote for @Buzzfeed I make charts & write about Trump-Russia & politics, no tolerance for intolerance
Ryan Lizza
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write for @newyorker, talk on @cnn, teach at @georgetown
Lincoln's Bible
Recently touched by tiny hand
Business Insider
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What you need to know. For corporate news from Business Insider and INSIDER follow @BI_Corporate.
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U.S. Senator. Family farmer. Lifetime resident of New Hartford, IA. Also follow @GrassleyPress for news and information.
Renato Mariotti
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Partner @ThompsonCoburn focused on trading markets, enforcement matters, and high-stakes litigation. Former federal prosecutor. Legal expert for TV and print.
Bishop Talbert Swan
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Asst Gen Secretary @cogicislive International Chaplain @iotaphitheta My verified account: @talbertswan
Bishop Talbert Swan
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Husband, Dad, GrandDad, Pastor, Prelate, Writer, Talk Show Host, Freedom Fighter #413Hope @SpringofHope413
Mike Quigley
1586 followers   San Francisco, CA
Current = Niantic. Past = Google, Disney, EA, Jambool, INSP. School = UW, Cal/Haas. I am NOT the politician. I AM an entertainment junkie & diehard Seahawks fan
Christopher Miller
79101 followers   Kyiv/Kiev, Ukraine
Ukraine-based journalist covering the former Soviet Union. Bylines @RFERL @mashable @TheTimes @CNNI @TheAtlantic @Guardian etc.
Jim Braude
on TV, 7:00 @GreaterBoston Ch 2...on radio, 11-2, WGBH 89.7FM @BosPublicRadio...& occasional column @BostonGlobeMag...don't ask!
9604 followers   USA
Reclaiming our democracy for 'we the people', not big money and corporate interests.
Palmer Report
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Palmer Report: timely, accurate, honest political journalism. Blocked by Donald Trump Jr and Roger Stone. Fighting the good fight.
Mike Eckel
@rferl. Committed Opponent of Quiet Desperation. Former Nigeria-With-Snow Correspondent. Enemy of the People. Msg me via Signal:
22477 followers   Boston, Mass.
Local reporting, analysis, and context for Massachusetts and beyond. Story ideas? Tweet us or email wgbhnews [at] wgbh [dot] org.

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