Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Emmanuel Macron
1078243 followers   France
Président de la République française.
Lord Snoutintrough
63663 followers   Boughtseatshire England UK
I like a good debate & interesting pictures many thanks for looking especially at my pics would b most grateful if u would visit
Sheron Wilkie
# snowflake #proEU #stillshepersisted #BrexitSaboteur# tweets & RT's not indication of my support / my opinion etc
482 followers   Paris - Frankfurt - Istanbul
Ph.D. in #Economics - EU economist - does not eat animals - interested in #EconomicEthics #Development #SustainableGrowth #Minimalism #AnimalRights #remain
Jonathan Bowden
729 followers   Manchester
Since it is obviously inconceivable that all religions can be right, the most reasonable conclusion is that they are all wrong - The late great Chris Hitchens
Basic Income Earth
8906 followers   World
Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) was founded in 1986 as an international organisation that fosters informed discussion about a Basic Income.
Marine Le Pen
1488954 followers   France
Présidente du @FN_officiel | Candidate dans la #Circo6211 pour les #Législatives2017
kaylene gerster
1279 followers   Blackburn, Melbourne
retired ..outraged by leftist journos and MPs socialists masquerading as Greens/Labor ..HAWKS supporter
Tarek Fatah
312546 followers   Columnist, The Toronto Sun
Host, 'FatahKaFatwa' on ZeeNews. Author, Balochistan Betrayed (Penguin), Hindu is Not My Enemy (2018), 'Tragic Illusion of Islamic State', 'Jew is Not My Enemy'
1455 followers   Somerset
Web Developer, Blogger, UKIP Member, not spokesman. Love real ale, music. Would-be guitarist - Animal esp. Cat Lover. Retweet <> Endorsement!
Jon Lovett
Co-host of Pod Save America, host of Lovett or Leave It, writer of speeches, TV shows, and to do lists. Mostly Water.
Barry Tulloch
433 followers   Lerwick, Scotland
Defend Europa
10453 followers   Europa
News | History | Art | Anti-EU | Europe of Nations & Freedom | #DefendEuropa | BTC Donations: 18aL4gmsoLdRmWjuyi7NEVJ9tpjy3ZtP3a
Michelle Butler
Friend to pen and lover of resilient women!!! One world. One love.
43827 followers   What Happened in the Election? Researching Our Voting System
64144 followers   Anywhere
#Kubernetes: open source production-grade container orchestration management. #CNCF #k8s
Sputnik is a global wire, radio and digital news service. We exist to tell the stories that aren’t being told.
Tom Rochford
1190 followers   Scottsdale, AZ
Successful Fortune 500 Treasurer and MBA finance educator seeking interim Treasury assignments. Expert in bank credit, debt financing and cash flow management.
Steve King
52110 followers   Washington, DC
Representing the 4th District of Iowa #IA04
AFP news agency
1105271 followers   France
Top news and features from AFP's reporters around the world. Elsewhere on Twitter:
Alexandre Holroyd
712 followers   London, England
#EnMarche pour représenter les Français établis en Europe du Nord

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