Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
BC Football
21308 followers   Chestnut Hill, Mass.
Official Twitter account of Boston College Football. #BCEagles #DecideToFly
Van Jones
712348 followers   United States
AUTHOR: BEYOND THE MESSY TRUTH: How We Came Apart & How We Come Together: @cnn
Jim Hoft
82023 followers   St. Louis, Missouri
Writer- Speaker- Where Hope Made a Comeback
Third Eye Blind
80200 followers   San Francisco, CA
|| #FallOfTheSummerGodsTour || tickets for our fall tour available now @3eblifestyle
1434 followers   United States
I am a Staunch Democrat! I LOVE President Obama. I miss him so much! #UniteBlue #ImWithHer #NeverTrump #Resistance #TRUMPRUSSIA #resist #TheResistance
5374 followers   Present Day
Comedian, Pocha and Real Good Advice Giver. Contributor/Writer for the @jimmy_dore
Kyle Griffin
274156 followers   Manhattan, NY
Producer. MSNBC's @TheLastWord. Honorary Aussie. Opinions mine. Please clap.
James Bates
7688 followers   The Sunshine State
OG on & off TV - for ART / b8sy productions on the YouTube / @jb8sy Instagram
102378 followers   Contact:
Democratic Socialists of America is the largest and fastest growing socialist organization in the USA. Students: @ydsa_ 🌹 Tweets are not official statements.
2911243 followers   Paris, France
🌍 International News 24/7, 4 languages: @France24_fr - @France24_en - 🆕 @France24_es - @France24_ar 📱 ✉️
68057 followers   Los Angeles, CA
Writer & Host at ETC! MGMT Contact:
109560 followers   nyc
born to dance
Michael Barbaro
90115 followers   New York, NY
Host of The Daily, an audio show from the NYT. Have covered, in no particular order, presidential campaigns, New York City, Mitt Romney, Anthony Weiner, WalMart
Lawrence O'Donnell
2239372 followers   New York, NY
Host of @TheLastWord with @Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC.
Ron Placone
7463 followers   Los Angeles, CA
Comedian, Stuff-Enthusiast, Music & Politics geek, Contributor/Writer for the @jimmy_dore Show. 5 Chords & The Truth podcast:
The Virginian-Pilot
100536 followers   Norfolk, VA
The latest news, features and in-depth reports from The Pilot. Tweets by @seandkennedy, @williamhoup, @catgrog and @greggiesenvp.
Ralph Northam
33981 followers   Virginia
Virginia's lieutenant governor. Husband, father, doctor, and veteran. Classic car enthusiast, defender of Virginia values, and candidate for governor.
shawn c
113 followers   Upstate n.y lovin', livin' the country life!
Christian country girl. Mom,grandma,daughter,sister. a p.k. animal lover. Deplorable, NO LISTS,NO PORN
Tom Perriello
60656 followers   Always Virginian
Former teacher, diplomat, & Congressman. CEO of WinVA, helping to flip VA House of Delegates to blue.
Donald J. Trump
40980618 followers   Washington, DC
45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸
The New York Times
39873650 followers   New York City
Where the conversation begins. Follow for breaking news, special reports, RTs of our journalists and more from
cℓιηтση мιcнαεℓ
20240 followers   *not of this world
FMR U.S. Border Patrol | New Mexico SWAT Operator | Legend Who Lives Rent Free In The Minds of Liberals World Wide. #MAGA μολὼν λαβέ III
482699 followers   Fairfax, VA
National Rifle Association of America #NRA
74029 followers   Charlottesville, VA
Thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia in 1819. Official Twitter feed by the Office of University Communications.
UVA Men's Soccer
8589 followers   Klöckner Stadium
The official Twitter account of the 7-time NCAA Champion Virginia Men's Soccer program. #wahoowa
358074 followers   Austin, Texas
You have found the tip of the spear in alternative media - Circumventing the dying dinosaur media systems of information suppression
President Trump
20757770 followers   Washington, D.C.
45th President of the United States of America, @realDonaldTrump. Tweets archived:
Jake Tapper
CNN Anchor of @TheLeadCNN and @CNNSOTU and Chief Washington Correspondent; author of The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor. RTs do not = endorsement.

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