Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
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lol watch this
Democratic Party
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News about the future of our party. Follow @TheDemocrats to see how we're fighting back against the Trump administration.
Donald J. Trump
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45th President of the United States of America
Hillary Clinton
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Wife, mom, grandma, women+kids advocate, FLOTUS, Senator, SecState, hair icon, pantsuit aficionado, 2016 presidential candidate.
Julian Assange
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Publisher @WikiLeaks; Detained without charge for the last seven years in violation of two UN rulings. No wars without lies no peace without truth.
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We open governments. Contact: PGP: A04C 5E09 ED02 B328 03EB 6116 93ED 732E @WLArtForce @WLTaskForce @WikiLeaksShop
Alex Jones
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Fighting for Freedom & Liberty on the Frontlines of Truth Journalism #Infowars TUNE IN 24/7 at
It’s our job to #GoThere & tell the most difficult stories. Join us! For more breaking news updates follow @CNNBRK & Download our app 📲
#QuestionWikileaks Because No One Is Above Questioning.
D. Wasserman Schultz
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U.S. Congresswoman proudly representing the people of Florida's 23rd District in our nation's capital.
Imani Gandy
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Senior Legal Analyst, @Rewire_News | Host-at-Large, @TWiBPrime | Tweets endorsed by no one. | The Real Racist™ | Social Justice Battlemage | o--€ |
Trump Texas
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President Obama
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This is an archive of an Obama Administration account maintained by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).
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Truth siren; Writer & Reporter @RealProgressUS @CounterPropa @NW_Music_Scene; 50M views in 2016 bc #WeAreTheMedia. Subscribe 2 my nonpartisan progressive YT↓
The Guardian
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The need for independent journalism has never been greater. Become a Guardian supporter:
The place for in-depth analysis, political commentary and informed perspectives. Questions? Tweet to @Farrashley. Find us on Snapchat: msnbc
Washington Examiner
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Political news and commentary from the Washington Examiner. Follow our journalists on Twitter:
President Trump
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45th President of the United States of America, @realDonaldTrump. Tweets archived:
🇺🇸✝️Angel Fox✝️
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Christian. #FreeAssange #MAGA Jesus, America, Trump Followed by @genflynn @kev4congress @TheJonathanCain @therealroseanne
just sayin
Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. #Obama #Knicks
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TMM Ambassador. You want life changing results? Follow the Link. Feel free to DM me questions.
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Faith, family, painting, dogs, photos. I love my country. Each generation must make it better for the next generation.
Adam Best
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Entrepreneur. Filmmaker. Progressive. @FanSided Founder/Ex-CEO. Political Junkie. NBA Enthusiast. Tweetstorm advocate. Blocked by Donald Trump.
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Toxic Pygmy. Opinions are like assholes: Mine is untouchable. Yours is fucked. You MUST be 18+ to Follow. I work in the adult industry & I post a lot of smut.
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American Patriot, Free Thinker, writer, photographer, reformed Democrat. I think Russian Hysteria, Democrat/Legacy news coup against Trump is pathetic.
Walking backwards into the future.
Benjamin Wittes
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Senior Fellow at Brookings. Editor in Chief: Lawfare (@lawfareblog). I #PrayWithaRaisedFist and #SupportTheDeepState.
Sean Hannity
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TV Host Fox News Channel 10 PM. Nationally Syndicated Radio Host 3-6 PM EST. Retweets, Follows NOT endorsements!
Proud Native American standing with Trump.Strongly believe all should look to the treatment of Indians before they cry poor me.Die hard Razorback fan.
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Runner (4 Half Marathons), Novice Yogi and Greyhound parent. NY Met, NY Giant and NY Ranger fan. Social Liberal Fiscal Conservative. #PJ #Bruce
WBAI 99.5 FM
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Listener Sponsored, Non-Commercial Pacifica Radio
Breaking news and current events from around the globe. Hosted by TIME staff. Tweet questions to our customer service team @TIMEmag_Service.
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The Human Rights Campaign is America’s largest civil rights organization fighting every day for a world where #LGBTQ people are treated #EqualEverywhere.
Jeff P
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Educated, travel often, foodie, politically moderate/centrist, father, husband, news junkie, Roman Catholic, dog lover and outdoor sports/recreation lover.

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