Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Julian Assange 🔹
305448 followers   Ecuadorian embassy, London
Publisher @WikiLeaks; Detained without charge for the last seven years in violation of two UN rulings. No wars without lies no peace without truth.
Dana Rohrabacher
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U.S. Congressman representing CA-48. Former speechwriter for President Reagan. Surfer and father of 8 year old triplets.
Thomas Wictor
Author, novelist, and the planet's only expert on World War One flamethrowers.
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We open governments // Contact: // PGP: A04C 5E09 ED02 B328 03EB 6116 93ED 732E // Editor: @JulianAssange // Artwork: @WLArtForce
H. A. Goodman
Watch: Support H. A. YouTube:
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Updates from the Republican National Committee
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lol watch this
WikiLeaks Task Force
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Official @WikiLeaks support account. Correct misinformation about #WikiLeaks, amplify our publications - join the WL Task force! #defendWL RT ≠ endorsement.
Sam Stein
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Politics Editor, The Daily Beast. Contributor, MSNBC. Host, #CandidateConfessional
Paul Ryan
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Office of the 54th Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.
Wanda Johnson
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Independent, RTs not an endorsement
Mr. Smith
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| Former Intelligence Officer | Special Operations Vet | NATSEC Nerd | GWU Alum | Curious Fella | High-Quality Person |
Democratic Party
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News about the future of our party. Follow @TheDemocrats to see how we're fighting back against the Trump administration.
Tom Perez
Likes: The @BuffaloBills, @TheDemocrats, and fighting for the little guy, though not in that order. Father of 3.
TruthFeed News
Find us at and on FB
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Dad, Veteran, Retired international businessman, Centrist Conservative..No lists, please. RTs are RTs
Jeff Bezos
Amazon, Blue Origin, Washington Post
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Official Twitter of Contact @AmazonHelp for customer support.
Jake Tapper
CNN Anchor of @TheLeadCNN and @CNNSOTU and Chief Washington Correspondent; author of The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor. RTs do not = endorsement.
Josh Rogin
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Columnist - Washington Post, Political Analyst - CNN, Instagram - @joshrogin
Sean Hannity
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TV Host Fox News Channel 10 PM. Nationally Syndicated Radio Host 3-6 PM EST. Retweets, Follows NOT endorsements!
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Conservative attorney, wife, mom, former homeschooler, Univ/MI alum, supporter/POTUS & draining swamp, w/particular interest in educational issues. No lists.

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