Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Michael Beschloss
479870 followers   PRESIDENTS OF WAR:
Author, most recently, of PRESIDENTS OF WAR (Crown). Ten books. @NBCNews Presidential Historian. Contributor to PBS @NewsHour. Williams College. Born Chicago.
Mark Joseph Stern
70614 followers   Washington, DC
Staff Writer @Slate. Courts and the law. Do you have a link to the ruling?
Marc E. Elias
Lawyer fighting for Democrats and voting rights for all. @DemocracyDocket Founder. My dog's name is Bode.
Daniel Jacobson
Lawyer who likes voting rights. Former Obama WH lawyer. Still suffering Mets fan. Views in tweets are my own.
#MSNBC2020: The place for in-depth analysis, political commentary and diverse perspectives on #ElectionDay. Home of @MSNBCDaily.
Rep. Ilhan Omar
960703 followers   Minneapolis, MN and Washington, DC
Representing Minnesota's 5th District in the People's House. @USProgressives Whip and Midwest Regional Whip.
Donald J. Trump
87362114 followers   Washington, DC
45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸
#ResistTrump #ImpeachBarr #ImpeachmentHearingsNow to preserve our democratic republic. No DM’s! Twitter is not Tinder! Now on Red Bubble
Amanda “I’m Speaking” Rykoff
9397 followers   Los Angeles, CA
Outreach for #JBBBSLA. Rescue dog mom. Baseball fan. Baker #AmandaBakesLA. She/her. IG: amandarykoff #VoteBlue
Jesse McConnell
Data Viz builder, Data Geek, Building a Tableau COE @Comcast ,Fantasy Football fan, Craft beer seeker and Movie watcher. Blazers, SF Giants, SF 49ers, Beavers.
Josh Chafetz
Professor, @GeorgetownLaw. Author most recently of _Congress's Constitution_:
Howard Steele
5416 followers   Pearland, TX
Federal litigator, recognized by Texas Super Lawyer, Forbes, & Best Lawyers in America by US News and World Reports. Has helped POTUS since escalator.
Neal Katyal
571145 followers   WashDC TEDTalk:
Supreme Court lawyer;law professor;extremist centrist. Former US Acting Solicitor General. All views mine,no one else's.
MJ Hegar
206684 followers   Texas, USA
Veteran, working mom, Texan. Running for U.S. Senate. Join our team ⬇️
1955235 followers   50 states, DC, & Puerto Rico
The ACLU is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, legal and advocacy 501(c)(4) organization. Visit our site for more about us and our affiliated org, the ACLU Foundation.
Angry Staffer
Not a current WH Staffer | Politics, NatSec, and Snark — Mileage may vary | Views mine |
toomas hendrik ilves
105282 followers   Estonia
look at my homepage
Text TWITTER to 80810 to receive exclusive updates from the Republican National Committee!
Molly Jong-Fast🏡
Editor at large @thedailybeast. podcasting “The New Abnormal” & Wife of @Mattgreenfield & mother of @woketeenageson
craig newmark
87007 followers   San Francisco
founder of craigslist & Craig Newmark Philanthropies Media inquiries: (No involvement in craigslist management since 2000.)
The Recount
269536 followers   New York, NY
We watch the news all day so you don’t have to. Download our app & subscribe to our newsletter. 📩
Don Winslow
497179 followers   Repped by The Story Factory
#1 Internationally bestselling author of The Cartel, The Force, The Border and Savages. Author of 3 New York Times Critics Choice Best books of the Year.
Wife, mother, retired @Harvard_Law lawyer. Joined to read @CLMazin's tweets about Ted Cruz, stayed for the Resistance. RTs/Likes don't necessarily mean approval
Blue Conservative 2020
253 followers   Texas, USA
A Conservative Christian, a Special Educator and Coach. I am a Patriot and a Veteran #IamANTIFASCIST 🇺🇸 definitely NOT drinking the Koolaid.
A.J. Delgado
167988 followers   Instagram: @AJDelgado13
lawyer via @harvard_law; former Sr Advisor to Trump 😒; made w/ Cuban parts; proud mami of 4 rescue dogs & 1 human boy, Will 💙 (my sun & stars!) #3:16
Kadia Goba
7731 followers   DC now, Brooklyn born
Politics reporter at @BuzzFeedNews covering the Trump campaign. Past @bklyner. DMs open for tips. Sketch by @courtartist
Vivian Schiller
24993 followers   Washington DC
Executive Director @aspendigital focusing on media, tech, cybersec & innovation for @Aspeninstitute. Former @Twitter @NBCNews @NPR @NYTimes @Discovery @CNN

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