Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Ron DeSantis
46th Governor of the great state of Florida.
New York Post
1658492 followers   New York, NY
Breaking news & features from The New York Post. Follow your favorite sections: @pagesix, @nypmetro, @nypostbiz, @nypostsports, @nypfashion, @nypostopinion
Donald J. Trump
80237540 followers   Washington, DC
45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸
Marge Peterson
parent spouse old school liberal in general. fiscal conservative ( because the math doesn't work otherwise ) worried about today's society.
1141 followers   Minnesota
Gulf War Veteran (Navy) F-14A Tomcats, Mental health, PTSD. #POTUS @realDonaldTrump #OBAMAGATE
Thể Thể
14481 followers   Texas, USA
LOVE the LIFE you LIVE💕LIVE the LIFE you LOVE🇺🇸#TRUMP2020KAG🇺🇸✝️GodBlessUSA🗽#SupportOurMilitary #BuildTheWall #ProLife #2A #MAGA #IFBAP🚫DMs for Dates
Chuck Callesto
263199 followers   Florida, USA
Father and Former Candidate for Florida's 3rd Congressional District. | #FLO3 | Digital Real Estate Manager | Looking hard at #2020
Governor Tom Wolf
191199 followers   Harrisburg, PA
Pennsylvania governor. Fighting for better schools, jobs, and government. 📍York native 👴🏻Husband/dad/granddad 💼Former biz owner 🚙Jeep owner 🌭=sandwich
Miami Herald Opinion
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The official Twitter account of the Miami Herald Opinion Page. Send your submissions, letters to the editor to
Rich Lowry
Author of “The Case for Nationalism”: Editor of National Review. Speaking opps:
National Review
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Standing athwart history, yelling Stop. A magazine founded by the late William F. Buckley Jr. To send tips: Instagram: NationalReview
Ron DeSantis
215284 followers   Florida
Florida's 46th Governor. Iraq Veteran. Native Floridian. Fighting for Good Jobs, Better Schools, Clean Water, and Safe Communities.

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