Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
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THINK is NBC News' home for fresh opinion, sharp analysis and powerful essays.
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I am an American who wants to help save our democracy from this madman in the highest office in the United States of America. I share my opinion.
Chicago Moms blogger, Patch blogger, political junkie, hockey fan, Siberian Husky owner, Illini, quilter, music lover, book reader, Girl Scout troop leader
Sarah Todd
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Wife, mom, teacher, candy enthusiast.
Philip Rucker
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White House Bureau Chief at The Washington Post | Political Analyst for MSNBC & NBC News |
Peter Alexander
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National Correspondent, @NBCNews. Proud Dad. Go U, Northwestern! RT's are not endorsements.
Leslie Marshall
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Political Analyst, @HuffingtonPost Writer, @FoxNews Contributor, National Radio Host, & @Northeastern Ambassador
Joe Walsh
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Fmr. Congressman. Nationally Syndicated Radio Host with Salem Radio Network. Listen to the show: Founding Father of #NoChillFriday
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Donald J. Trump
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45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸
Nicolle Wallace
Author of 18 Acres series, mom, dog walker, gardener, wife. Added a couple of jobs in TV. Hosting an hour at 4 pm on MSNBC and appearing on Today Show on NBC.
Barry R McCaffrey
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NBC NEWS. Ret Four Star US Army General. Joint Commander Latin America. Clinton Admin Drug Czar. Nat Sec Professor West Point.
Sebastian Gorka DrG
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@FOXNews Nat. Sy. Strategist 🔴 NYT Bestseller: DEFEATING JIHAD 🔴 Fmr Strategist to Pres. Trump 🔴 @TheHill & @TheRebelTV Contributior
Robert Reich
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Berkeley prof, former Sec. of Labor. Co-Founder @InequalityMedia. Latest Documentary: "Saving Capitalism" (Streaming on Netflix) Latest Book: "The Common Good"
Heather Nauert
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Heather Nauert serves as the @StateDept Spokesperson.
Robert Costa
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National political reporter, @WashingtonPost; Moderator, @WashingtonWeek; Political analyst, @NBCNews and @msnbc
Deadline White House
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Official Twitter account for @MSNBC's #DeadlineWH with @NicolleDWallace 4pm EST This account does not endorse the oxford comma

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