Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
SeanSpicer's Mic
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I'm just a microphone standing in front of a boy, asking him to love me. Exposing the lies of Spicer & Trump. #theresistance #russiagate #congressdoyourjob
Beth Brigham
5766 followers   Drop of blue in a sea of red.
Published writer w/20+ years of effective PR, branding & story pitch experience. I love the pitch! Curating the most interesting tweets daily. #trumprussia
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Guardian of the Republic. Keeper of American Exceptionalism. Counterchekist.
Make America Yates Again!
Bannon Republic 🇷🇺
1033 followers   Trumpistan, USA
Deconstruction of the administrative state is the primary objective. The opposition party is anyone armed with facts that could undermine this agenda.
Louise Mensch
284092 followers   Agent of Chaos, PSYOP division
"Unhinged British witch" "a textbook succubus"- Russian Insider
Louise Neu
7002 followers   NYC
amateur #fecdotgovnerd/ex-GS & hedge fund/dog clothing maker/feminist/for @anconl16 & my in depth research into trump $ & election fraud-see our Twitter Moments
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RT = Marriage proposal! @me if you need secure \com/ channel

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