Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Wolf Blitzer
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I'm the anchor of CNN's The Situation Room (@CNNSitRoom) 5-7PM ET, Wolf 1PM ET & CNN's lead political anchor, and, yes, I do my own tweeting.
Preet Bharara
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Patriotic American & proud immigrant. Movie buff. @Springsteen fan. Banned by Putin, fired by Trump. Former US Attorney, SDNY. Host of "Stay Tuned" @cafedotcom
Edan Clay
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Pronounced AIDEN. #resist 🍊🤡💩 Followed by @CIA & @NSA (just not on Twitter). Typos are endorsements. #TheResistance #BLM #Resist #TrumpRussia #TakeItBack
1655 followers   The 'burbs of B-Lo
#TheResistance ~Impeach Trump~ ~Do NOT add me to lists~

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