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Pete Buttigieg
1565881 followers   South Bend, Indiana
Running for president of the United States. Afghanistan vet, musician, businessman, husband to Chasten, and South Bend's "Mayor Pete." He/him. (BOOT-edge-edge)
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Asawin Suebsaeng
68914 followers   Washington, DC
Trumpworld reporter @TheDailyBeast. Rolling Stones fan. Co-author of SINKING IN THE SWAMP (pre-order below). On Signal/Proton
Washington Post Live
22478 followers   Washington, D.C.
Take your front row seat to breaking news.
Lis Smith
94136 followers   Manhattan, NY
Senior Advisor, Communications for @PeteButtigieg
M. Mendoza Ferrer
Like a dog with a bone when it comes to uncovering the facts. Political activist. New Yorker. #VoteDemocrat2020
The place for in-depth analysis, political commentary and informed perspectives.
Paul Blumenthal
11199 followers   Washington, DC
Reporter @HuffPost. Read me: Email me:
Rachel Maddow MSNBC
9780252 followers   New York, NY USA
I see political people... (Retweets do not imply endorsement.)
80662 followers   Boston
We're Boston's NPR station, online at and on air at 90.9 FM. See our pinned tweet for more info on our sections, shows and podcasts.
Saagar Enjeti
59078 followers   Washington, DC
Chief Washington Correspondent & Host @hilltvlive @thehill. Media Fellow @HudsonInstitute. Fellow @Steamboat_Inst RT≠endorsements
Krystal Ball
228135 followers   King George, VA
co-host Rising @hilltvlive Reversing the Apocalypse. Ella, Lolo and Ida Rose's mama!
Mehdi Hasan
764552 followers   Washington DC
Columnist, The Intercept. Host, Deconstructed podcast. Presenter, Al Jazeera English TV shows (UpFront & Head to Head). A Brit now based in DC.
Kevin Robillard
22365 followers   DC
Senior political reporter @HuffPostPol. Member @WGAEast. Grew up @Politico and @thedbk. Maryland Terrapin, Massachusetts native.
Tulsi Gabbard
758916 followers   Hawai'i
Soldier. Veteran. Surfer. Congress. Candidate for President. (Use of TG's military rank, title, or photo does not imply Army or DoD endorsement.)
Bernie Sanders
10080139 followers   Vermont
U.S. Senator from Vermont and candidate for President of the United States.
christmas cheer liz bruenig
Christian. Mama. Into ideas, jokes, birds. Opinions at @nytimes.
236360 followers   New York City
Jacobin is a leading voice of the American left, offering socialist perspectives on politics, economics, and culture.
Sahil Kapur
137637 followers   Washington, D.C.
National political reporter for Bloomberg News | | DMs are open
Andrew Yang🧢
1067417 followers   USA
2020 US Presidential Candidate (D). Entrepreneur & Founder of @venture4america My book: Join the campaign here:
Andrea Mitchell
1804662 followers   Washington, DC
NBC News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent/anchor, Andrea Mitchell Reports, weekdays at 12pm ET on @MSNBC.
Tess Whittlesey
Deputy National Press Secretary for @PeteButtigieg
Team Pete HQ
56515 followers   South Bend, IN
We’re building a movement to meet this moment. Follow for @PeteButtigieg news and grassroots updates. Text HOPE to 25859. Official Pete 2020 campaign account.
The Washington Post
14530059 followers   Washington, DC
Breaking news, analysis, and opinion. Founded in 1877. Our staff on Twitter:
Donald J. Trump
67525119 followers   Washington, DC
45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸
Amanda Terkel
103948 followers   Washington, DC
Washington Bureau Chief, HuffPost. aterkel at huffpost dot com Sign up for my newsletter: DMs are open.

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