Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
3931738 followers   Pakistan
Chairman PPP. Chairman Human Rights committee parliament. Join us & build a peaceful, prosperous and progressive #Pakistan. media contact:
Mansoor Shahani
7283 followers   Dadu, Pakistan
PRESIDENT PPP PSF SINDH PROVINCE. I Love #SZA Bhutto, #SMBB #BBZ #AAZ True lover of PPP and Bhuttoism....
Syeda Shehla Raza
1188357 followers   Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Minister For Women Development Sindh, Ex-Deputy Speaker Provincial Assembly of Sindh , Ex- Acting Governor Of Sindh.
PYO Sindh Official
17810 followers   Sindh, Pakistan
Official twitter account of President People's Youth Organization Sindh | Special Assistant to Chief Minister Sindh @JavedNLaghari
Jaam Abdul Karim
838 followers   Karachi, Pakistan
Jaam of Malir
Salman Abdullah Murad
2467 followers   Karachi,Sindh,Pakistan
Proud Son Of Shaheed Abdullah Murad \ Chairman District Council Karachi \ Former Special Assistant to CM Sindh.
Muhammad Sajid Jokhio
2726 followers   Sindh, Pakistan
Member Provincial Assembly Sindh PS-87 Malir-I Karachi, General Secretary PPP District Malir,Vice Chairman KW&SB
718459 followers   Pakistan
Official account of Asif Ali Zardari - Co-Chairman Pakistan People's Party. 11th President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Shehbaz Sharif
5066949 followers   Lahore
Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly. This is personal account of Shehbaz Sharif being run by his staff. Tweets by Shehbaz Sharif are signed -ss

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