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Donald J. Trump
72801032 followers   Washington, DC
45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸
Bernie Sanders
10684935 followers   Vermont
U.S. Senator from Vermont and candidate for President of the United States.
Rachel "The Doc" Bitecofer 📈🔭🍌
69650 followers   Newport News, VA
Election whisperer & data girl, @NiskanenCenter Senior Fellow, Saving America 1 Tweet At A Time My 2020 forecast here #TeamDOOM
69 followers   Louisiana
nature loving book nerd*wanna be runner 🏃🏽‍♀️*
Michael Knowles
230848 followers   Greenland, USA
Host of "The Michael Knowles Show" at @realDailyWire, host of "The Book Club" at @PragerU, co-host of "Verdict with @TedCruz," author of a blank bestseller
Jennifer Rubin
369735 followers   Washington DC
Conservative opinion writer at @WashingtonPost, MSNBC contributor. “If right doesn’t matter, we are lost.”
Mike Bloomberg
2690542 followers   New York City
Entrepreneur, philanthropist, three-term mayor of NYC, father, grandfather, data nerd. Running for president to defeat Donald Trump & rebuild America. @Mike2020
Kamala Harris
3396394 followers   California
U.S. Senator. Wife, Momala, Auntie. Still fighting for the people. She/her.
Chelsea Handler
8201351 followers   Los Angeles, CA
@Netflix documentary Hello Privilege, it’s me Chelsea OUT NOW. #1 NYT Best Seller - LIFE WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME🍊
NBC News
7174624 followers   New York, NY
The leading source of global news and info for more than 75 years. Our new free streaming service: @NBCNewsNow
Joe Biden (Text Join to 30330)
4185526 followers   Wilmington, DE
Senator, Vice President, 2020 candidate for President of the United States, husband to @DrBiden, proud father & grandfather. Loves ice cream, aviators & @Amtrak
Erika Cashin
1720 followers   Minnesota, USA
@USAirForce Veteran. Wife. Mother. Leader. OUTSIDER & DISRUPTOR. Republican candidate for Congress #MN02 I support my #CINC #MAGA Support
Jim Hoft
221359 followers   St. Louis, Missouri
Writer- Speaker- Where Hope Made a Comeback - Top Choice of the American Truth Seeker
Bill Kristol
Director,;; Host, Never Trump.
EP 🤎
youre sitting on the couch and life is passing you by, maybe ill accept christ next week.. maybe tomorrow... NO DO IT NOW! 🐘❤️
Taren Shea 🌙
16485 followers   Athens, OH
OU '20 • No War with Iran • BLM

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