Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Kamala Harris
3123447 followers   California
U.S. Senator and candidate for president. Wife, Momala, Auntie. Fighting for the people. No corporate PACs, just people like you. Text JOIN to 70785 to join us.
Raquel Cepeda
11620 followers   East of Broadway
AUTHOR: #BirdofParadise 👉🏽 | DIRECTOR: @SomeGirlsDoc | NOW: a sociopolitical & cultural history of Reggaetón w @massappeal + LA MADRINA
Charlie Kirk
1281040 followers   Chicago, Illinois
Founder & President of @TPUSA Proud capitalist. Best Selling Author. We are all sinners, saved by Jesus. Opinions here are my own.
1539828 followers   Global
Official account of Delta Air Lines. We’re listening around the clock, 7 days a week. For a formal response please visit
Renee Gerrish
98 followers   Atlanta, GA
Chicago girl in ATL. AVEDA Educator. Mother of dachshund dragons.
Brad Parscale
369409 followers   Washington, DC
Campaign Manager for @realdonaldtrump 2020 Presidential Campaign. Proud to work for America’s best POTUS and help to Keep America Great!
Trump War Room
305405 followers   MAGA Country
Highlighting @realDonaldTrump's #PromisesKept, fighting #FakeNews. This account punches back 10x harder. Managed by the #TeamTrump 2020 campaign. #MAGA
71942663 followers   San Bruno, CA
Pivoting to video.
Chuck Callesto
223385 followers   Florida, USA
Father and Former Candidate for Florida's 3rd Congressional District. | #FLO3 | Digital Real Estate Manager | Looking hard at #2020
Donald J. Trump
64433464 followers   Washington, DC
45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸
Barack Obama
108584222 followers   Washington, DC
Dad, husband, President, citizen.
New York Post
1493613 followers   New York, NY
Breaking news & features from The New York Post. Follow your favorite sections: @pagesix, @nypmetro, @nypostbiz, @nypostsports, @nypfashion, @nypostopinion
Dan Bongino
1196628 followers   Florida, USA
Host of The Dan Bongino Show. Fox News Contributor.
338312 followers   Invite me to your city!
Hi, I'm Scott. I spent 2 years of my life working to defeat Hillary / If each of us registers 5 new Republican voters, Trump wins in 2020!
Buck Sexton
248880 followers   Manhattan, NY
Host of The Buck Sexton Show; Former CIA Analyst and NYPD Intel Division #ShieldsHigh SUBSCRIBE to my daily podcast here ➡️
Jarvis Dupont
I use my white male privilege as a raft, to transport minorities from the Cave of Oppression to the Island of Equal Prosperity. Pagan. Occasional nudist. He/Him
Jussie Smollett
1378310 followers   Tix 4my 👇🏿 #SumOfMyMusicTour
I am simply here to help save the world. Nothing is more important than love. -JS *I ONLY HAVE TWITTER &INSTAGRAM. NO OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA EXISTS IN MY NAME*🙏🏿
Dan Stringer, Corn Pop Expert
Elon and I both agree. We do not respect the SEC
The Partnership
8295 followers   Washington, DC
We work to make our federal government efficient, innovative and responsive. Join us.

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