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We open governments // Contact: // PGP: A04C 5E09 ED02 B328 03EB 6116 93ED 732E // Shop: @WikiLeaksShop // Artwork: @WLArtForce
Donald J. Trump
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45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸
The Guardian
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The need for independent journalism has never been greater. Become a Guardian supporter:
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"Kindly let me help you or you will drown," said the monkey putting the fish safely up a tree—Alan Watts #GraphicDesign #WikiLeaks
Luke Harding
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Writer, @Guardian journalist, author #1 New York Times best-selling book, "Collusion: Secret Meetings, Dirty Money and How #Russia Helped Donald #Trump Win"
Joe Lauria
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Editor-in-Chief author of "How I Lost By Hillary Clinton," political commentator, fmr @BostonGlobe, @WSJ UN correspondent.
Fox News
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America’s Strongest Primetime Lineup Anywhere! Follow America's #1 cable news network, delivering you breaking news, insightful analysis, and must-see videos.
Consortium News
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Independent Investigative Journalism Since 1995
Marise Payne
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Minister for Foreign Affairs 🇦🇺. Liberal Senator for NSW. Dragons tragic. Cats fan. Optimistic race horse owner & breeder. Proud to call western Sydney home.
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Pivoting to video.
Ray McGovern
Former Intelligence Analyst/Activist/Justice person
Vice President Mike Pence
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Vice President Mike Pence. Husband, father, & honored to serve as the 48th Vice President of the United States. Tweets may be archived:
Kristinn Hrafnsson
Journalist - WikiLeaks
Lisa Mei Crowley
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Mom, AF SMSgt (ret), Fmr Abn Russian Crypto-Linguist, DoD Contractor, Singer/Songwriter, R+F *Opinions expressed are solely mine.
Scott Morrison
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Prime Minister of Australia and Federal Member for Cook. Authorised by The Hon. Scott Morrison MP, Liberal Party of Australia, Sydney, NSW.
The Scotsman
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Scotland's national newspaper. See also @ScotsmanSport, @Scot_Heritage, @Scots_Future and @WeKnowScotland
Mrs. Christine Assange
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Mother of journalist Julian Assange, detained 8 yrs without charge for exposing high level corruption. #TeamAssange #Unity4J #FreeAssange #BringJulianHome
Chelsea E. Manning
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Network Security Expert. Fmr. Intel Analyst. Former Prisoner. Trans Woman. Make powerful people angry. Tweets are own opinions. Pronouns: she/her #WeGotThis
Jeremy Hunt
Foreign Secretary & South West Surrey MP
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The Jewish community relations hub, JCPA advocates for a just & pluralistic U.S., global human rights&peace in Israel|JOIN US: #JCPA2019
Business Insider
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What you need to know.
Damon #ProtectMueller
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Supporting Democratic candidates & initiatives to thwart the attack on US Democracy #Resist l #TrumpRussia l #ProtectMueller l #VoxProPopulo l #VXP 🌊☮️⚖️🗽🇺🇸
Katharine Viner
Editor-in-chief, Guardian News & Media
Caitlin Johnstone ⏳
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Rogue journalist. Bogan socialist. Anarcho-psychonaut. Guerrilla poet. Utopia prepper. You will disagree with me sometimes. That's okay.
Joseph A. Farrell
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@WikiLeaks Ambassador and @cijournalism Board Member. Freedom of expression. Human rights. Right to offend and be offended. [own views]
The World Jewish Congress is the international organization representing Jewish communities in 100 countries around the world. (RTs are not endorsements)
stefania maurizi
Journalist working for La Repubblica(ex Espresso):has worked on many releases with WikiLeaks+Snowden files.PGP:7F41 E581 3AFF E2FC 5A28 4127 00C9 7377 9627 C51D
Senator Mike Gravel
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US Senator (1969-1981). Direct democracy activist working to empower people to control public policy and government by initiative lawmaking.
Dr. Phil Roe
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Official Account of Rep. Phil Roe, MD, serving TN-01. Ranking Member of @HouseVetAffairs . Member of @EdWorkforce & co-chair of @gopdoccaucus
Rep. Andy Harris, MD
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Proud to represent MD-01; Anesthesiologist; Dad to Joe, Becky, Irene, Jessica, & Danny; Grandpa to Charles, Abigail, Arthur, Andrew, Camilla, James, & Sylvia.
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American Jewish Committee (AJC) works to enhance the wellbeing of the Jewish people & Israel, & to advance human rights & democratic values around the world.
Friends Of Assange
“One of the best ways to achieve justice is to expose injustice.” ― Julian Assange #FreeAssange

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