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New York Daily News
583973 followers   New York City
Breaking news, politics, entertainment and sports coverage in New York City and beyond | Order Home Delivery:
David Andreatta
4638 followers   Rochester, N.Y.
Writer of wrongs for the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle ... and sometimes tweeter of University of Rochester Field Hockey news
Jeffrey Wright
162884 followers   Bk to Sierra Leone; HI in mind
part-time actor, full-time kook, full-time #resistance
Ron Perlman
418125 followers   Los Angeles/New York
@EasyStreetBook is now available. Order link in bio. Instagram: perlmutations
Chaos Agent Garland
111562 followers   USA
Strategic intelligence analyst. Author. Speaker. Bassist. Warning: humor and rants.
Steve Saideman
10328 followers   Ottawa, Ontario
SSRC Abe Fellow, CGAI Fellow, Scholar of civil-military relations, NATO, ethnic conflict, Canadian defence, Duckie Winner,
Los Angeles Times
2848946 followers   Los Angeles, CA
News from Los Angeles and the world. Staffed by editors.
Kriston Capps
10243 followers   Washington, D.C.
Staff writer at @CityLab. Art critic at @wcp. Texan. I write about housing and architecture and art and chili.
emily nussbaum
TV Critic for The New Yorker. Thirsty try-hard.
234 followers   Toronto
The juice is easier to squeeze than you could possibly imagine.
President Trump
18063676 followers   Washington, D.C.
45th President of the United States of America. Tweets archived:
2158 followers   Beverly Hills, CA
Trump voters welcome 2 engage #FactsMatter *45 CULT w/o facts & TROLLS will be blocked.#commonsense #ConJobInChief #corrupt45 #RESISTANCE #indivisible
John P. Cummings
2079 followers   Forest Hills, FL
vagabond,wayfarer type, aesthetic/custodial engineer, inefficiency expert currently on loan from #OSCE to observe #impeachment in #USA
Linda Micelotta
2364 followers   New Jersey/Aruba
#MAGA #CCOT Christian, conservative, Trump supporter and pro-Israel advocate. Navy brat, Army wife. 🇺🇸🇺🇸❤❤
I am a pissed mom of 2 kids, 4 dogs, Death with Dignity supporter, LGBTQ supporter, Cubs fan and no time for trump & his corrupt bullshit. #RESISTANCE
Angry gram
907 followers   Massachusetts, USA
Mother, grandmother, biochemist turned civil engineer. Retired. Liberal, Proud member #Resistance Trumpsters = blocked, I might know @longbinhvet
40970 followers   Colorado and Montana
#TheResistance #Impeach 1st gen Scot, Wyo native. Animal-lover, skiing, fly-fishing, reading. Not a warm & fuzzy liberal. Trump is a traitor.
4680 followers   Splendid Spot USA
Reader and writer who sometimes publishes under name Summer Devon.
David Axelrod
Director, UChicago Institute of Politics. Senior Political Commentator @CNN. Author, Believer: My Forty Years in Politics. Views expressed here are my own.
Underground Scholars
1779 followers   End of the Universe
This forum is determined to choreographing chaos by sifting through the political noise and myopic educational policies undermining the common good.
Hank Rearden
6125 followers   Living in Prog's Heads
Proud father and husband. Conservative American. Engineer. Former airline pilot. Career Navy. Follower of MLK. Rand nailed it in Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal.
Dianne Reum
13924 followers   Oregon
Be true. Be brave.

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