Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Gloria Borger
38258 followers   Washington, DC
CNN’s chief political analyst
Shimon Prokupecz
Law Enforcement Beat @CNN DC & NYC
Malcolm Nance
US Intelligence +35 yrs. Expert AQ/ISIL/Jihadi Strategy, Tactics, Ideology. Torture, Russian Cyber! | NYT Bestselling Author, Navy Senior Chief. NBC/MSNBC.
Dana Bash
264168 followers   Washington, D.C.
Chief Political Correspondent, CNN
CNN Politics
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Political news, campaign stories and Washington coverage from CNN's political team.
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Guardian of the Republic. Keeper of American Exceptionalism. Counterchekist.
32916 followers   Earth
Proud Daddy. Professional gunfighter. Wars fought, Revolutions started, Assassinations plotted, Governments run, Uprisings quelled, Tigers tamed, Bars emptied.
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Old hippie with paint under her nails
🗽🌈 🇺🇸 Where did right from wrong go in this great country of ours? @realdonaldtrump 🇷🇺 is where it went. #resistance be strong the end for him is near!
🇬🇧 lulu lemew 🕊
3704 followers   The Gloves Are Off
I Stand For: Compassion. Peace. Justice. Equality. Truth. Freedom - and so should you. #Resist
Hillary Clinton
15585804 followers   New York, NY
Wife, mom, grandma, women+kids advocate, FLOTUS, Senator, SecState, hair icon, pantsuit aficionado, 2016 presidential candidate.
Ellie Lena 🇺🇸✊ 💀☠
896 followers   Sunny Cali, SF Bay
SAHM of 2 hoomins & slave of 🐱🐰🐹 I'm a UC Berkeley grad & political junkie w/a gif problem😁 Our Republic is under attack, patriots must stand together! 🇺🇸
Claude Taylor
169882 followers   undisclosed location near DC
Veteran of 3 presidential campaigns, served on White House staff (Clinton). Engaged in protecting our democracy. My car is faster than yours. Chaos Agent.
Wall Street Journal
14032132 followers   New York, NY
Breaking news and features from the WSJ.
Senator Rand Paul
1259924 followers   Bowling Green, KY
U.S. Senator for Kentucky | I fight for the Constitution, individual liberty and the freedoms that make this country great.
1940881 followers   Washington, DC
Official Twitter Page of the FBI. If you have a tip, please submit it here: /
John Schindler
233437 followers   UBIQUE
#Natsec columnist @observer, security consultant, author, provocateur, bon vivant, polyglot, counterintelligencer, cat guardian. Formerly NSA, NAVSECGRU, NWC.
1050579 followers   NY
It’s our job to #GoThere and tell the most difficult stories. Come with us! ➡︎ For more breaking news updates follow @CNNBRK
No BS Tweets
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Stocks. Markets. Healthcare. Religion. Economics. Arsenal. Trump bashing.
Rebecca Traister
Writer at Large @NYMag & @TheCut Contributing editor @Elle. Order All The Single Ladies, here: rtraister{at}gmail
3294959 followers   New York, NY
Stay relevant. News and analysis on politics, science, technology, and culture.
Kim Dotcom
631781 followers   Contact:
Entrepreneur, Innovator, Gamer, Artist, Internet Freedom Fighter & Father of 5
Donald J. Trump
30746389 followers   Washington, DC
45th President of the United States of America
Stone Cold Truth
The inside story from legendary political operative & bestselling author @RogerJStoneJr - Broadcasting Saturdays 1-3 PM EST worldwide at
Travon Free
77414 followers   Platform 9 3/4
Comedian. Writer. Full Frontal w/ Sam Bee. The Daily Show(Stew Beef & T-No No). Any Given Wednesday. WHCD 2016. Straightish Outta Compton.
Andrew C Laufer, Esq
25360 followers   New York City
Civil Rights Attorney - Justice Is Blind, But I'm Not - Police Brutality, False Arrest, Malicious Prosecution, Politics, News, and Law discussion. Pro-Israel.
cindy seidel crum
1818 followers   Alexandria, Virginia
Defense contractor, wife to USArmy Vet @saucelifeusa, political junkie, Schatzi & Blue's Mom, BRAVOFAN #willfollowuback #RIPBiscuit
Bret Stephens
79873 followers   New York City
Op-ed columnist, New York Times. Formerly WSJ, JPost. Chilango. "The nambiest and the pambiest," Dinesh D'Souza. Married to a better writer. Dad to K, N & L.
Dennis Herring
850 followers   Los Angeles, CA
Russian Hacker Jim
15293 followers   United States
NRA Life Member, GOA Life Member. NRA Certified Range Officer. NJ2AS. Dog lover /rescues. jimdwrench @GAB.AI. ISLAM = EVIL. Lists get you Blocked !

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