Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Reuters TV
112274 followers   New York
Straight from the source. Anytime. Anywhere. Available free on iOS, Android, Web, Roku and Apple TV.
Cyril Ramaphosa
137920 followers   South Africa
President of the African National Congress
Always Another Drama
22158 followers   Either taking off or landing
Writer of things. Viola Davis’ life partner in my next life. Author of Always Another Country (Jonathan Ball. 2017) Background pic: @maxbastard
Chappatte Cartoons
Updated cartoons and news about New York Times' cartoonist Patrick Chappatte. For French, join @chappatte
Yomi Idrees
84 followers   Houston, TX
Seek God. Be educated. Get money. Dress well. Stay humble. Help others.
William Samoei Ruto
1771524 followers   Kenya
Deputy President, Republic of Kenya
Uhuru Kenyatta
2973951 followers   Nairobi, Kenya
President of The Republic of Kenya.
ANC Parliament
20601 followers   Cape Town, South Africa
Latest news and views from the African National Congress in the South African Parliament

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