Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Daniel Turner
789 followers   Tring, England
Live lyrics from the bank of reality, I kick the fliest dope maneuver technicality
Jimbob Squarepants
707 followers   Newcastle Upon Tyne, England
Soul of a pirate, heart of a saint.
69 followers   Preston, England
JG 🦇🃏
159 followers   Sileby, England
Father, Steelbook collector, In the space between spaces, basically I'm in your walls.... #SkipFam @Markandmeuk fan.
Richard @ get into cinema
571 followers   South East, England
I love cinema & would like to see a day when all can access cinema as readily as I do. #SkipFam & Independent cinema friend.
Pansy Arsehole
536 followers   Newcastle Upon Tyne, England
dad; Scotsman; Christian; Jedi; Browncoat; MoBro; busker; filmfan; Addick; Dolfan; inconsistent YouTuber; amatuer blogger/prize-winning film critic*; he/him
Mark Woodyatt
1077 followers   Delaware, USA
Founder/Podcaster/Editor of @sttepodcast & @markandmeuk. Huge fan of 80s movies, Jaws, sweets and milkshakes. Always quoting The Office. #SkipFam
595 followers   Lancashire
@BASCSupporters member, @WiganWarriorsRL fan, @cineworld Unlimited cardholder, athletics photo Instagrammer - Mornings are for coffee and contemplation
1805 followers   The Isle of Wight
Customer Happiness Director at Apples to Oranges with @VeronicaPullen Movie Blogger at Barking Mad About Films & Hooman Pet of Pepper & Teddy, the Chihuahuas
Kay O
1327 followers   Truro, Cornwall
Girlfriend, Friend, Blogger, Crafter, Writer, Musician, Nerd, Watcher of Films. #CraftBlogClub hostess. On insta: Kay_At_Home Pinterest kaykayo1985 #SkipFam
239 followers   Australian Capital Territory
Too old for personal attacks will block and report
JadedKushner - Supernatural Wisdom-PARODY
12302 followers   The Eye of the Storm ⚡️
NOT Jared Kushner - PARODY - Not Him - Commentary - FAKE JARED - I’M NOT JARED - YOU GOT THAT ? -PARODY-this account is in total compliance of the PARODY rules
Dawn Michael PhD💗
35844 followers   Southern California
Wife, Mom, Counselor, Author, Sexual Health Professional, Speaker. Proud Patriot Q 🇺🇸✡️ Gratitude makes life sweeter
Maui girl
700 followers   Hawaii, USA
Loving blue state Hawaii. Waiting for the day Trump is impeached!
Bold & The Beautiful
Welcome to the OFFICIAL The Bold and the Beautiful Twitter page! Tune in to #BoldandBeautiful weekdays on CBS.
Brad Parscale
451702 followers   Washington, DC
Campaign Manager for @realdonaldtrump 2020 Presidential Campaign. Proud to work for America’s best POTUS and help to Keep America Great!
Donald J. Trump
67379531 followers   Washington, DC
45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸
Chaos Actual
“For so long we have gone with so little, that now we are capable of doing anything with nothing.”
The Reckoning 💥
Small business owner, husband, father. Nationalism beats conservatism. How is mass immigration conservative?!? #MAGA
Mr Dirt
6750 followers   DigitalSoldier, USA
#MAGA #MAGA2020 #DigitalSoldier #TrumpLandslide2020 RT are not an endorsement ⚓️🇺🇸
Tara 🦋
5002 followers   paul walker • jacqui m wood
I kept the right ones out and let the wrong ones in. I had an angel of mercy to see me through all my sins.

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