Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
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Ethnically #Russian. Wife of a Swedish Viking. Mother. Producer of #Identitarian #Nationalist Media for @redicetv Hostess of @radio3fourteen Putin Spy
State of Palestine
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Official Twitter of the Mission to the United Nations
Jessica Muroff
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Writer, Speaker, Mom, @gswcf CEO, Founder of the Be Present Project. Making each day a story worth telling.
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We're under ATTACK by the MSM and several members of Congress! #BlueLivesMatter #MAGA #PATRIOT #ISRAEL #CONSERVATIVE No Vet should ever go hungry or homeless!!
I say stuff to make people's funny and amusing...remember if you're trying to argue with me 99% of the time I'm doing it to have a laugh
Tori Watson
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Journalist @BBCNewsNI | email:
Jim Hoft
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Writer- Speaker- Where Hope Made a Comeback - Chelsea Clinton got me kicked out of CPAC
Citizen Kaine 🇺🇸
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#MAGA #1a #2a Back the Blue! #codeofvets “‘Life is to be lived, not controlled. passive vegan 🚫By @johncusack @wilw😀 followed by @genflynn @tobykeith
👌Jimmy 2 Scoops
Preserving Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for future generations #JESUS #MAGA #TrumpTrain 🚂#2A #III% #ccot #Deplorable #NRA #GOA #USAR 70-76🇺🇸
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Mid 60s Patriotic Christian\🇺🇸🙏Been there done it Civil Rights & Haight Ashbury! A MILLION ZILLION Thanks To USA Military. Foul names or language Blocked
Trump is my President. One Proud Deplorable. Follow me I will follow back so lets ..... #MAGA #GODBLESSAMERICA #GODBLESSOURMILITARY #NRA #2A #GOP #KAG
Chuck Woolery
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Hollywood Conservative, Love Connection Host, Back in Two and Two, Fisherman, Navy Vet, Political Activist. Host of Blunt Force Truth w/ @markyoungtruth
Connected Camps
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Online summer camps and afterschool programs for kids who love Minecraft! #Minecraft #STEM
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can i get some wine with my whine
Bill Mitchell
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Host of YourVoice™ America at, Mon-Fri 7pm ET #TrustTrump
Lana Tober
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Wife, Mom, Grandma. Independent thinker. Patriot. Well educated, but try to keep on learning. Like people and love to read almost everything. Not a dating site!
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Honored to be an American. Married to my soul mate. Entrepreneur.Blues fan. Coffee black. Bourbon straight.Cigars Mauduro.Harleys fast/loud.Love guns,ink. MAGA.
jim levers
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shawn c
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Christian woman. Mom,grandma,daughter,sister.wife a p.k. animal lover. Deplorable,NO PORN. No single chitchat,I block trolls and all lists.
#RuleOfLaw Follow it
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Not a Feminist!Happily Married,Christian Writer,Jesus Christ =Lord. NoPorn,Lists=Block.Follow=Follow Back #MAGA #POTUS #Trumpville F'book:SherryDriskellGriffin
AbsoluteKaty 🔥 (Katy Savage)
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Media skeptic. Kinda funny. Always learning. Host: #TheSavageTruth podcast. #StopEndlessWar and #ThinkForYourself! Follow ≠ endorsement. Other half: @jasonjloya

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