Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
ian herbert
75484 followers   All over the place
Sportswriter and author. Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday. Biographer of the late, great Bob Paisley.
Gavin Williamson
85562 followers   South Staffordshire
Conservative Member of Parliament for South Staffordshire and Education Secretary. For any casework issues please email
Michael Tidd
40580 followers   West Sussex
Junior school headteacher in Sussex. Columnist for TES.
(Social) Liberal Leigh 🕷️ 🇪🇺 🇬🇧 #FBPE 🔶
Thinks liberal democracy is worth defending. (Intersectional) Feminist Thinks Douglas Adams is worth reading. Atheist Big fan of Harriet Taylor Mill (& husband)
Dr Anna Jerzewska
18759 followers   London / Geneva
Founder/director 14 years trade/customs/FTAs experience. @ITCnews @britishchambers Ex-big4 @UK_TPO @TradeExperettes
James O'Brien
743896 followers   London
October 22nd Event + Book: Book Only:
439629 followers   United Kingdom
Leading Britain's Conversation. For the latest news alerts, follow @LBCNews. Follow us on Instagram
Graham Kirk
1257 followers   France
Trying to regain EU Citizenship, UK, S-O-T born, grateful to France for putting up with me. LFC /Muse/Floyd. Justice for the 96 & Orgreave. Don't trust a tory!
Saboteur Aesop 🔵
5667 followers   Ancient Greece... possibly,
Aesop was reportedly thrown off a cliff at Delphi, as some took offence at his fables. News, views. RTs are not endorsement.
The Times
1446682 followers   London
The best of our journalism. Subscribe here: Speak to our customer service team:
BRTUS: Parents Utd.
7282 followers   England.
Boycott Return To Unsafe Schools Only SENSIBLE, SAFE, AND SUSTAINABLE will do. Fight the second wave! Our Facebook group is: Boycott Return To Unsafe Schools.
Emma Harriet Nicholson
11706 followers   England, United Kingdom
LRAM ARCM Honorary Doctorates from 7 universities Two books,another starting to plan.Patron,the British Council’s Creative Spark.Fellow FSA,Academician RAA.
Dr Liam Fox MP #LiamFoxForWTO
100010 followers   North Somerset
Candidate for @wto DG. International Trade Secretary and President of the Board of Trade (2016-19) & Defence Secretary (2010-11). MP for North Somerset.
432518 followers   Geneva, Switzerland
Official account of the World Trade Organization. Check also: @OMC_fr en français; @OMC_es en español.

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