Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Sylvester McCoy
52510 followers   Tardis, Rhosgobel
The real McCoy. Spoonista, Radagast, Doctor, Witch Prime, Sweary Mechanic, International Male Model. Tweets for him by minions with news & input from Sylvester.
Sophie Aldred
aka Maureen, Dennis the Menace, Tree Fu Tom, Ace..... oh, and the most important, Mrs Henderson and Mummy
Baljinder caur
3088 followers   Punjab, India
Electrical Engineer
under the rose
17263 followers   ᴠᴍ
86006 followers   fools change the world
vmin enthusiast
3668700 followers   sirsa(haryana) India
Spiritual Saint/Philanthropist/Versatile Singer/Allrounder Sportsperson/Film Director/Actor/Art Director/Music Director/ Writer/Lyricist/Autobiographer/DOP
Forbidden Planet
60851 followers   London, stores across the UK
The world's largest cult entertainment Megastore, the home and hub of the best geek shopping! Customer services:
Digital Spy
177079 followers   Digital Spy HQ, London
Everything entertainment. By fans, for fans. We tweet: TV 📺 Movies 🎬 Soaps 🚿 Showbiz 📷 Music 🎤 Tech 📲 Games 🎮
Abuti Rams™ 🇿🇦
3801 followers   Azania
Award-winning education and training specialist, youth development practitioner, contributor on @News24, researcher, debator & digital strategist.
Christel Dee
9084 followers   London, England
Presenter, Assistant Producer at @BBCWDS. Host of @DWTheFanShow. 1/5 of @5WF. 'Best hair on television' ~ Peter Capaldi. Views are my own. #DoctorWho #LGBT 👭🌈
IG: @MbuyiseniNdlozi
292064 followers   Evaton, Johannesburg
EFF National Spokesperson & Commissar Responsible for Communications - @EconFreedomZA Economic Freedom In Our Life Time. Supporter of BDS - Free Palestine!
Simon Guerrier
4443 followers   London
Documentary producer for Radio 3. Co-author: The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who; Whographica. Writer: @cleaningup_film; @ModernManFilm; Dr Who etc @bigfinish.
Jake Tapper
CNN Anchor of @TheLeadCNN and @CNNSOTU and Chief Washington Correspondent; author of The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor. RTs do not = endorsement.
Euripides Nutz
12306 followers   completely up my own ass
piss-tape truther, never been corncobbed online, karl marx's large adult failson// god help us all, I'm back on my bullshit
Jimmy the Geek
1736 followers   The Fortress of LOLitude
Jimmy, Comedian, IT Guy, Once a Reality TV Somebody, now just a giant kid, Presenter and Podcaster
6191 followers   USA
Public servant | Reader | Liberal Environmentalist | Science Believer| Wife~daughter~Hero to my dog #THERESISTANCE I like smart people.
3138 followers   Sydney, Australia
Game designer and programmer. Killing Time at Lightspeed, Mallow Drops, HTMLE.
288338 followers   ZA
The official platform for Economic Freedom Fighters to champion radical economic policies in South Africa. It's for Fearless Fighters. SA Government in Waiting!

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