Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Bristol University 🎓
84465 followers   Bristol, England
Top 10 UK Uni 📚 Leading research 🔬 World-class teaching 👩‍🎓 Vibrant city 🙌
Cambridge University
531613 followers   Cambridge, England
Research, news and events from the University of #Cambridge.
Olga Lautman
165972 followers   New York, NY
NYC-Monitor Russia-Ukraine (Organized crime and active measures) Researcher for ”House of Trump, House of Putin” Contributer Newsweek
Brian Cates //Flynn & Breitbart's Army!
201888 followers   Texas, USA
You can support my work at or make regular monthly donations at
Cambridge University Press - Academic
18382 followers   Cambridge and New York
Cambridge University Press
J.K. Rowling
14583141 followers   Scotland
Writer sometimes known as Robert Galbraith
Mel Ⓥ
1920 followers   Fort Collins, CO
Vegan ultramarathon runner & biological anthropologist. I literally have a PhD in maternal investment. Cloth mother to brilliant dyslexic kid. 💯
Dylan Kawende
120 followers   London, England
UCLxCambridge | Independent Advocate for the #Untapped | Devout Christian | President of UCL Law for All (18-19) | Support #GetDyl2Cambridge via my GoFundMe
George Malliaras
1687 followers   Cambridge, UK
Prince Philip Professor of Technology at University of Cambridge
Cole Stoudt
16099 followers   Morehead, KY
Husband - Former Clemson Quarterback #18 - Quarterback Coach and Offensive Recruiting Coordinator at Morehead State - Follower of Jesus Christ
martyn ware
22839 followers   London, England
Heaven 17, BEF, orig Human League, Illustrious,composer,producer, DSc,activist,3D soundscapes, visiting prof. QMUL, Principal~TYE, IVORS Academy, IPOW, lecturer
The Open University
158002 followers   UK
Open to people, places, methods and ideas. The Open University provides high-quality university education to all.
Luke de Pulford 裴倫德
68309 followers   London, mostly
Arise. Coalition for Genocide Response. Hong Kong Watch. World Uyghur Congress (UK). CPHRC. Personal account. DMs open.
Hong Kong Watch
Hong Kong Watch monitors the status of human rights, freedoms and the rule of law in Hong Kong.
Tim Newburn
Professor of Criminology & Social Policy, LSE. Tweets mainly crime-related (but Everton FC & music obsessions may appear). Also @NewburnText
15 followers   Essex
LOVE UR SELF Vocals in Olympus🤘
moh sin
1695 followers   Rochdale, England
18🇬🇧🇵🇰 daffa hoe ja innit #blm
Roddy Forsyth
Nice guy
64,000 people are dead 🦠 😷
I could never die, I'm Chuck Norris Fuck the government and fuck Boris #CorbynWasRight
Timothy Gowers
19182 followers   Cambridge, England
Mathematician. Royal Society Research Professor at University of Cambridge.

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