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Asma Jahangir
765110 followers   Lahore Pakistan
Human rights lawyer based in Pakistan. Former President of the Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan. DISCLAIMER: Retweets are not an endorsement.
Daily Times
18077 followers   Pakistan
The official feed of Daily Times, Pakistan's premier newspaper with top stories, special features & more. @DTOpEd @LifeStyle_DT @DailyTimesSport @dailytbusiness
Rabia Mehmood
23918 followers   Lahore-Islamabad, Pakistan
Journalist, Researcher, Docu-filmmaker. @MIT_CIS, @IWMF fellow. Tweets: religious persecution & extremism, human rights, gender, internet. Also, Punjabi Klutz.
Aima Khosa
654 followers   Lahore
Editor and writer watching over precious knowledge at Vanguard Books. Formerly Express Tribune, Express News
Shahbaz Taseer
He slept with wolves without fear, for the wolves knew a lion was among them. Proud son of Shaheed Salmaan Taseer. I'd give up the North for Old Trafford
Husain Haqqani
283845 followers   Washington, DC
Director (South & Central Asia) Hudson Institute. Pakistan ambassador to US 2008-2011. Author of 'Pakistan Between Mosque & Military' & 'Magnificent Delusions'
Toronto Sun
288426 followers   365 Bloor St. E., Toronto, ON
Toronto's best local news, sports, entertainment, comment, pictures and video.
Munizae Jahangir
86891 followers   Pakistan
Pakistani TV journalist and documentary filmmaker.Retweets are not endorsements.
Heather Nauert
220681 followers   Dept. of State, Washington, DC
Heather Nauert serves as the @StateDept Spokesperson.
Adeel Hashmi
162281 followers   Lahore, Pakistan
A moody (read: boring) but deep down a nice guy.
Farooq Tariq
spokesperson @AwamiWorkers Party. #AWP, general secretary Pakistan Kissan Rabita Committee, (PKRC) a net work of peasant organisations in Pakistan,
Nafisa Shah
229478 followers   Pakistan
Member National Assembly from Khairpur Mirs. Central Information Secretary, PPPP. Formerly a journalist; interest in anthropology; occasional artist and writer
2448 followers   London
BHRC is the independent international arm of the Bar Council of England & Wales & addresses breaches of human rights with law. RTs-not necessarily endorsements.
Omar Waraich
133201 followers   South Asia
Deputy South Asia Director, @amnesty | Words: @TIME, @TheAtlantic, @washingtonpost, @NewYorker | | Views mine only, RT ≠ endorsement
Bilal Warraich
403 followers   London
Cogito Ergo Sum! Solicitor of England & Wales - Human Rights Activist
45237 followers   Washington, DC
Trying to stop US Federal law enforcement involvement in drug corruption and harassment programs.
shazia khan
1208 followers   Karachi
teacher, baraf posh wadiyan mera pyar ,hate liars jisko such pasand nh meri profile sy dor rhy,Mera Quaid meri pehchan jiyeeeeeeAltaf....
SMJ (Im Jafri)
3393 followers   Karachi, Pakistan
(I Own Karachi) follower of Right Man Liberal | #CricketLover of #TeamPakistan #MUFC Fan /RT & Tweets are not Endorsement
813 followers   Pakistan
Caught between a strong mind and a fragile heart.
Anish Gawande
428 followers   Bombay | Paris | New York
@Columbia Class of 2018 | Dara Shikoh Fellowship | Bylines in @CNN, @guardian and @timesofindia
15456 followers   United Kingdom
@dailytimespak I @theasians l l l #Celceophile I #travelobsessive
Sufyan Yusuf
Member National Assembly of Pakistan NA-247, One day philosophy of Qet Altaf Hussain is prevail in Pakistan. MQM (Muttahida Quami Movement Pakistan)
Nehad S.
3011 followers   Pakistan
Event Management Executive - I have traded this life for fortune and fame. I've even cut my hair and changed my name.
faryal khan
1310 followers   Tando Allahyar, Pakistan
only MQM
‏وفاداران قائد
8705 followers   بس قائد تحریک پہ اندھا اعتماد
میری جان، میری شان، میری آن، جناب قائدُِ تحریک الطاف حسین بھائ۔ وہ جس پہ مرنا گوارہ ہے میرا قائد ہے۔
Abbas Raza
747 followers   karachi
MBA Finance. My quote: Quitters never win...
Kunwar Khalid Yunus
MQMWorker/WafaParast/MSU alumnus 1976|Mankato,Mn/Liberal/Centre-left UltraPacifist/Ex MNA,4-terms(1988-2007)/Politics-40 yrs/Jails 4-times(1992,94,99 & 2016)

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