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#MarineMom #VoteWRight I am the NRA #CAdistrict33 #California Deplorable
Carrie ❤️ America 🇺🇸
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We’ll #MAGA because we’re Trump’s Army and we do not quit. #2A #CCOT PROUDLY UNVERIFIED♦️#TrumpTrain 🚂 #TrumpsArmy 💪🏼
PATRIOT Leah 🌪🌵🎸
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Entrepreneur MS Psychology SciFi Horror #AnimalLOVER Metal/Goth/Punk #Constitution #2A #ProLife Catholic #MAGANation The Great AWAKENING is NOW
Christie 🇺🇸
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#Politics 24/7 | #TrumpNation | #MAGACoalition | #LoveDogs | #BusinessOwner | #2A | #NRALifeMember | #Capitalist | #Nationalist | #Realist
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I am ن #Assyrian an American #Patriot Legally immigrated & assimilated bcz I Love America #2A #Israel #BlueLivesMatter #ProLife 🇺🇸 #MAGA #Nationalist Not-a🤖
Carmine Zozzora
#LockThemAllUp #SeditousPoliticos #CriminalMedia #NRALife #2A #Trump2020 #MAGA 🇺🇸#MakeAmericaGreatAgain @realDonaldTrump
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ن LifeLibertyPursuitOfHappiness💙🇺🇸Veterans💙Israel🇮🇱MOΛΩNΛABE ❌ShariaTheRealWarOnWomen❌Trolls call me a Russian bot, you can just call me a proud deplorable
Christian, Texan, Pro Israel, family, Author. #MAGACoalition #CCOT. Find me on:
Bradley Scott 🙏🇺🇸
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#MAGA, #Conservative, #TeamTrump
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Proud #Trump supporter for #MAGA #1A #2A #Vets #Military #BackTheBlue #tcot #ccot NO PC or SJW crap will be tolerated. Feminists don't speak for me.
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100%Trump supporter. We Have Been Tested &Proven Ourselves Strong Nation Let's MakeAmericaGreatAgain. Follow on
cℓιηтση мιcнαεℓ
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FMR. LEO 614✝ Special Weapons And Tactics Operator. A Legend Who Lives Rent Free In The Minds Of Liberals Worldwide.
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Conservative set on saving our America. I'm neither Black or White, I'm American fearing only God! I Follow Only Patriots. ProLife - If I RT It, I endorse it!
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Liberal hypocrisy is a disease.
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Joined Twitter 2support President Trump &engage w/team MAGA. FFL holder &Firearms Biz owner. NRA member. 🚨 My page is not a safe space. ⚠️ Enter @ UR own risk!
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PROUD Supporter of #PresidentTrump fighting one tweet at a time #MAGA !! Retweeted by @realDonaldTrump #AmericaFirst 🇺🇸
Donald J. Trump
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45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸
Dr. Marty Fox
Father Grandfather Husband Conservative Patriot Plastic Surgeon Former & Occasional Talk Show Host
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Writer. Poetess. Conservative Pundit. Super famous in my small town! I'm not an evil genius, but I do play one on Twitter. Jesus Christ is Lord! #MAGA
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Hillary, Hillary E-Mail Cheater had a server kept in SECRET. She put it in a bathroom stall & ALL of our enemies knew it well 💁🏼 TheOriginal#TrumpArmy
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GOD BLESS AMERICA!! We have been liberated!!! #BENGHAZI; #ProMilitary; #2A; #Backtheblue; #MAGA #TCOT #STANDWITHISRAEL BEWARE NO FILTER; Gab👉🏼@AmericanHotLips
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Patriot ❤️ Conservative- #2A -❤️Israel-❤️Military-Stop ME Genocide of Christians #MAGA 🇺🇸 ❤️God-❤️FAMILY-❤️Country #LockThemUp
Chicago1Ray 🇺🇸
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#MAGA 🇺🇸 #TRUMPTRAIN #PATRIOT ❤️ #ExtremeVetting 👌#TRUMP2020 🎯 #BuildTheWall 💛 #TravelBan 🇺🇸 #2A 🔫 #BigRigDriver 🇺🇸 #StopIslam 🚫#USA 🇺🇸 #Trumpster
President Trump
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45th President of the United States of America, @realDonaldTrump. Tweets archived:
Kambree Kawahine Koa
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✨Native Texan 🇨🇱 ✨ VP of Field Relations in Orange County, CA ✨Political News Contributor ✨Mindset/Leadership Speaker✨Proud No BS Independent✨
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Daughter of The King. Life & logic shaped conservative views. Proudly wearing The Armor in battlefield of ideas. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ. Proudly unverified. #MAGA
Brian Stelter
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CNN's host of @ReliableSources and senior media correspondent. Formerly @nytimes, @tvnewser and Top of the Morning. Email:
Rhonda Kazmierski
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Author. Honored to be r/td by @realDonaldTrump, followed by: @seanhannity, @DineshDsouza, @GenFlynn, @mflynnJR @CharlieKirk, @AntonioSabatoJr @Scaramucci
Kill people with silence because not everyone deserves your attention.
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Breaking news and developing stories. #AmericaFirst #PatriotsUnited #MAGA
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#BlueLivesMatter🇺🇸🇮🇱#Israel #1stResponder CHRIS✝️IAN #MILITARY #Patriot #2A #NRA #ΜΟΛΩΝΛΑΒΕ #Dogs #MAGA #VETS My dog is my best friend #Deplorable Sh*thole
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Retired Navy Pilot & Proud Naval Academy graduate, Mom, Wife, Athlete, Conservative, Leadership Consultant and Diehard Red Sox Fan
Veteran For Trump
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Born in Mexico, Naturalized US Citizen, Conservative, Marine Corps Veteran I support our President Donald Trump our 45th President #LatinosWithTrump #Vets4Trump
Sara Z Wood
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Proud Conservative American! Admirer of the U.S. Constitution & proud southerner of Cuban descent. I block #Marxist #usefulidiots bc social life is 2short #MAGA
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Two guys who are proud to be Americans, who love their country and who are proud to support President Donald Trump as we help Make America Great Again
💋 SIᕮᖇᖇᗩ ᗯᕼISKᕮᕮ 💋
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God First 🙏✝ ⭐️ Support the #POTUS 🇺🇸🌟 | 1A 2A | #MAGA 🇺🇸 | Loves to Laugh A Lot 😀| RT ≠ Endorsement |🚫List
Patriot Drew 🇺🇸🏁
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GOD•AMERICA•FAMILY 🦅 Combat Infantry Vet • #2A #NRA • #SethRich = #DNCLeaks • Russia Investigation Is An Obama Deep State Cover Up • #AmericaFirst 🇺🇸🏁 #MAGA
✨✨✨✨✨I love my God, my family, my friends and my country 🇺🇸Sip a little tequila
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I am a person that loves to travel and interact with people. I am presently working towards a DBA. #USAFVeteran #CubanAmerican #MAGA #weaintbackingdown
Truth Seeker
Robert P Smith
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Conservative #nascar #tcot Love my 5 cockerspaniels 👈🏾FollowMeThereToo. I block bots & lists.
Lee Jackson
Veteran. Husband, Father. Grandfather. Patriotic American. Friend. Learn more at link below:
Colleen ✨✌✨
💫💫The Truth Will Set You Free💫💫 #SupportOurTroops ❤#Army❤ #MAGA #TRUMP ✨#StJude✨ #BanSharia #BuildTheWall #Benghazi #Bluehand #Obamagate
Debbie Aldrich🇺🇸
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Jo Wesley Harding
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Twitter fanatic. On a mission. #MAGA We need to support #Trump to: #DrainTheSwamp Education #EnergyUSA National Security
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Single Dad, Christian, Musician / Singer, G'pa, Love my God, Family, Country; Conservative. Daily iStand Amazed Μολὼν λάβε Politicians
Donald Trump Jr.
EVP of Development & Acquisitions The @Trump Organization, Father, Husband, Outdoorsman, In a past life Boardroom Advisor on The Apprentice
Eric Bolling
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Formerly Fox News host. “Free Agent” call William Morris Endeavor (212)586-5100. Author, New York Times Bestsellers "The Swamp" and “Wake Up America”
🇺🇸'Proud Texan'🇺🇸
'l AM The Storm' Think before you speak. Never suffer fools. 🇺🇸O-2🇺🇸Follow Me🇺🇸Make a difference. President Trump, Americas Last, best hope. Back The Blue. 🇺🇸🇨🇱
Deplorable Outlander
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CHRISTIAN. MAGA. Former US Marine. Former LEO. Desert Storm Vet. Pro Israel. ALL Trump Supporters Welcome. Political Translations are free! PROUD TEXAN!🇺🇸
The View
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Paul G
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Older,Wiser,anti Globalism . Both sides are playing us. That’s why I voted for Trump . PC offends Me I am now blocking mental cases. Russian bot .Also on MeWe
Proud 🇺🇸 Mom #TrumpSupporter #DrainTheSwamp #Law&Order #Yoga #mindfulness #Maga lover #Buddhism #Judaism #Hockey #Penguins #NotABot Thank you for following🌼
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Followed by Steve, Chris, & some people. Occasionally off color...try 2 be good but it's really hard. Half the time I'm not even sure what I said, grain of salt
Shepard Smith
Shep's twitter feed, maintained by his producing staff
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🇺🇸W/O AMERICA THERE’S NØ FREE WORLD★Schoolw/Obama🙈#USNavy★Followed By @SeanHannity @DineshDSouza @DailySignal @GenFlynn #MAGA🇺🇸
Llegué a Medellín en la primavera. Ya hace años. Medellín para vivir nada recomendable.
Deplorable Redneck
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I Love GOD!!! He sent JESUS to die for my sins(which there are many) Opinions are mine! Pro 2nd,Free Speech,Anti big Government,abortion,Illegal Immigration
Breitbart News
News, commentary, and destruction of the political/media establishment.
Daria Hughes
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Dianne Reum
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Be true. Be brave.
Paul A. Gutierrez
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"Protect, Defend, and Preserve the Constitution and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." #MAGA 🇺🇸
News, Analysis, & Opinion from Special Ops Veterans
Deplorable Linda G.
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Evangelical Christian Conservative Former teacher & business owner. Came on twitter just to follow President Trump. #MAGA #trump2020 #Potus NO PORN or SALES
BenGarrison Cartoons
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Cartoonist Ben Garrison Contact Support MAGA cartoons in 2018
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Atlantic City NJ ‼️ NO Sense Of Humor Spin Off #PJNET #LNYBT #TCOT #NRA #2A #DOAC #Molonabe
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A Conservative Political Marketing Firm helping to bring America back to its greatness
lindsey vonn
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Olympic skier and Founder of the Lindsey Vonn Foundation created to empower girls | snapchat: lindseyvonnski
Maria Bartiromo
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Anchor, Global Markets Editor Mornings with Maria @MorningsMaria 6-9 AM ET M-F on @FoxBusiness Network & @SundayFutures 10:00 AM ET Sundays @FoxNews.Channel
Harriet Nix
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Clemson Fan, "Republiterian", Artist, Author, #2A , Egyptology; Vol active in DAV causes; Fol/ By @GenFlynn,@MouseMan_USMC,@IndeCardio; @MiloMorai ,fol./I FB
Chic Savage
Man of Many Passions, IE: Haute Couture, High Fashion, Style, Interior Decoration, and All which is Beautiful and brimming-over with Quality. #MAGACoalition
Sally Field
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I'm an actor, a mother, a grandmother. That's enough for now.
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Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear. #mykindofcrazy
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proud father of 2 libertarian sons brazilian italian american retired option market maker paulbot trump supporter! Follow @sfca4trump #maga #trumptrain
Wolf Blitzer
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I'm the anchor of CNN's The Situation Room (@CNNSitRoom) 5-7PM ET, Wolf 1PM ET & CNN's lead political anchor, and, yes, I do my own tweeting.
Cliff 4 Trump
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@realDonaldTrump @mitchellvii @RealJamesWoods @WhiteHouse @DanScavino @SebGorka @ThomasWictor @CaliConsrvative @tracybeanz @lukerosiak @benshapiro
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Views are my own. RT’s not endorsement.❤️🇺🇸, military,God,family,friends. Proud of our President.🇺🇸1st! Truth & Justice MUST prevail. Light over darkness!
Jake Tapper
CNN Anchor of @TheLeadCNN and @CNNSOTU and Chief Washington Correspondent; author of The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor. RTs do not = endorsement.
The Tattered Remnant
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Zeal 4 my Father's house consumes me. Red menace is upon us.🇺🇲United we stand, divided we fall💥 God/Islam/Socialism/Politics 🎯TRUMP🎯 In Gods presence!

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