Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Shane Harris
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I cover intelligence and national security for the @washingtonpost. Contact me securely:
scott horsley
NPR economics reporter
Josh Dawsey
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White House @WashingtonPost. @CNN analyst. WSJ, POLITICO, Room 9 alum. Carolinian & New Yorker. Loud phone talker. Hit on 16. Have liquor & hot sauce on desk.
Anne Rumsey Gearan
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Correspondent at The Washington Post. Foreign policy and politics here, mostly. Sometimes pandas.
David Rothkopf
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Proud father of J & L, husband of C, CEO, The Rothkopf Group; host,Deep State Radio;, author of this & that.
Philip Rucker
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White House Bureau Chief at The Washington Post | Political Analyst for MSNBC & NBC News |
Laura Barrón-López
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@Politico national political reporter covering House campaigns/2020 presidential. Tips:
Kimberly Adams
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Correspondent for @Marketplace. Board member @PressClubDC and @CCSITalks. She/ Her. Kimberly, not Kim. "You're not mean, just brutally honest." #STL #Mizzou
John Hudson
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I cover diplomacy & national security for The @WashingtonPost | Tips: or 202-334-9172 | Newsletter:

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