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Donald J. Trump
48180602 followers   Washington, DC
45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸
Francesca Buttercup
153 followers   Atlanta, GA
Estanislao Garza
57 followers   San Antonio, TX
🌊✊❄Gerald❄🖖🌊 #VetsResistSquadron
6227 followers   Central Texas, USA
Navy vet⚓ SF&F fan #LGBTQIA ally #FBR #BLM #NoDAPL #GeekResistance Blocked by the Nazi Seb Gorka #VetsResistSquadron #VetsResistSupportSquadron
4252 followers   South Carolina, USA
📢#NeverAgain 💦#TheResistance 🌈#LGBTQ 🇺🇸#VetsResistSupportSquadron w/wife @katkel_sc 🧢#AutismMoms 🤲#unhackthevote🇺🇸
Corbie Crow - KS03
10518 followers   Kansas, USA
👆Use my avi🌈 FEB 2018🌈 1ST Annual🌈 Haskell Indian Nations-Lawrence, KS🌈 Two Spirit=LGBTQ Month🌈 #StandWithMueller #Indivisible #ResistanceUnited #LoveArmy
I HONOR VETERANS #VetsResistSquadron
8314 followers   United States
I STAND FOR VETERANS PERIOD! Desert Shield/StormCombatVet #DAV #PTSD #TBI #MST #BigRedOne #IGY6 #VetsResistSquadron #FBR #TheResistance 🌊🌊🌊
Dominique Devereaux
5812 followers   United States
💄#IAmDeterminedAndStrong👠#TheResistance #ResistAllThingsTrump #ClimateChange #ResistanceUnited #StrongerTogether #VetsSupport #VeteranWifeResist
Doc #VetsResistSquadron
6202 followers   SoCal, USA
Retired (served 22 years, 19 greenside) US Navy, HMC(FMF), Devil Doc. Dog Rescuer. Wounded Warrior, 100% Disabled Veteran #VetsResistSquadron ✊🏼🇺🇸
Jim F.T.🇨🇦🇮🇪🇬🇧☘️
612 followers   New Hampshire, USA
USAF brat, USCG retired and former police officer. I’m a progressive person who believes in civil rights and liberties for everyone. Texas born, proud father.
5031 followers   Gene Simmons blocked me:D
Writer Voice Actor Video/Photo Artist Entrepreneur & other stuff. Prefer #dogs #globalcitizen love @Adamlambert @pink sickened by abuse of HC so now #ImWithHer
Women's March
578393 followers   Washington, D.C.
Our work bringing our #PowerToThePolls to win in 2018 is only beginning. Text P2P to RTVOTE (788-683) to make sure you're registered to vote!
Chuck Schumer
1381442 followers   New York, NY
Official account of Senator Chuck Schumer - New York’s Senator RT≠endorsement
Vice President Mike Pence
5781186 followers   Washington, D.C.
Vice President Mike Pence. Husband, father, & honored to serve as the 48th Vice President of the United States. Tweets may be archived:
796 followers   Montana, USA
Facts float like feathers; lies sink like lead. Feathers light the way; lead smothers souls. SEE-SAY-DO SOMETHING! 🔥 BE A BETTER AMERICAN! 🗽⚖️🇺🇸
Bill Kristol
Editor at large @WeeklyStandard
Joe Sexton
162 followers   Always "here", 'cause I can't be there
To live is to change; to be perfect is to have changed often. --John Henry Cardinal Newman
Tom Udall
143304 followers   Santa Fe and Washington
United States Senator from New Mexico.
Mark A Grifo
73 followers   Severna Park,MD USA
Realtor, Real Estate Investor
Paul A. Gutierrez
19150 followers   Los Gatos, CA
"Protect, Defend, and Preserve the Constitution and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." #MAGA 🇺🇸
President Trump
22265187 followers   Washington, D.C.
45th President of the United States of America, @realDonaldTrump. Tweets archived:

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