Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
The New York Times
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News tips? Share them here: "The Weekly" is our new TV series. Episodes air Sundays at 10 p.m. on FX and on Hulu the next day.
Kashmir Hill
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Privacy pragmatist. Journalist at @nytimes. (Yes, I'm named after the song.) PGP: e1d4 4c11 7550 5f51 1365 a0a8 b86f c572 0e13 96be
Shaun King
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Founder @TheNorthStar & @RealJusticePAC & @FlipTheSenate & @TheActionPAC Host of @TheBreakdown Podcast. Husband. Father of 5. Listen & subscribe to my podcast👇
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Plain Ol' Johnny Graz
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Veteran of NeXT, Apple, and Pixar. Creator of XCode. Parrot whisperer. Jazz pianist. Kitchen guru. Chief Technical Advisor to the @Sema4Texas campaign.
The New Yorker
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Unparalleled reporting and commentary on politics and culture, plus humor and cartoons, fiction and poetry, reviews, and criticism.
The Washington Post
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Breaking news, analysis, and opinion. Founded in 1877. Our staff on Twitter:
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Most tweets by Ken White. I do the RICO. Host, Make No Law, co-host, All The President's Lawyers @KCRW
Al Jazeera English
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Hear the human story and join the discussion. For more news follow @AJENews.
CJ Werleman
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Columnist for Middle East Eye and Byline Times. Host of @ChannelTheRage. Activist against Islamophobia. Support:
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News, features and analysis from the World's newsroom. Breaking news, follow @BBCBreaking. UK news, @BBCNews. Latest sports news @BBCSport

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