Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
8884 followers   Chicago, IL
Union Operating engineer, Political wonk, lover of NBA TV. going backwards post 2008 Isn't in the Cards for me. Illinois produce the strongest Dems In the U.S.
The Speaker’s Dragonzord
3397 followers   California, USA
1st Gen Asian-American attorney. Observations on electoral strategy, national politics, & the SCOTUS. #NewDemocrat. Realpolitik over #Resistance
Jim Rooney
255 followers   McLeansboro, IL
I’m a moderate independent thinker that despises extremism from either side of the aisle. You’ve been warned.
chris evans
28792 followers   New York, USA
politics | movies | real housewives | ✊🏽🏳️‍🌈
Lindsay Wise
7898 followers   Washington, DC
Covering Congress for @WSJ. Formerly @KCStar, @HoustonChron. Send tips via email, DM or Signal.
Sharice Davids
120600 followers   Roeland Park, KS
Putting Kansans first and fighting for opportunity, because everyone deserves a shot at success. Proud to represent #KS03 in the US Congress.
Change Research
Fast, accurate, affordable polling.
Marc Lamont Hill
396131 followers   ORDER MY NEW BOOK!!!!
Temple University Professor. Host of BET News. Host of Black Coffee. Owner of Uncle Bobbie’s. Author. Activist. Father. Sixers Fanatic. Philly Born. ΚΑΨ MADE
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Nobody knows politics like POLITICO. Got a news tip for us? 👉
Political Polls
52057 followers   NYC
We are a non-partisan group dedicated to keep you informed with recent political polls from trusted polling companies and predictions from reputable pundits.
6034 followers   Washington, DC
Former staffer in the Democratic Party until I went to business school and got a "real job." Work on building a green future. Evidence based approaches please
Crooked Media
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A political conversation for people who aren't ready to give up or go insane. Sign up for our newsletter:
Zerlina Maxwell
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Senior Director of Progressive Programming for @SiriusXM * @MSNBC Political Analyst * CO-HOST of @SIGNALBOOSTSHOW * INQUIRIES:
Niles Francis
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Niles is the name, Georgia politics is the game.
Terry Lorch 😈
Primary care doc and advocate. Fiber worker, spinner/knitter/weaver. Unapologetic DUKE hoops fanatic. Proud Maryland DEM. Never ever Sanders.
The Skeptic
Who is he? Writer, Traveler and Critic. Commenting on Baseball, Politics, TV and more.
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My OPINION OVERRIDES YOURS AT ALL TIMES. Don't ask me to do your research. TWEETS ABOUT RACISM, SANDERS, WHITE PRIVILEGE #VoteLikeBlackWomen #SupportiveBitch
Slick and Slippery, or Clean and Articulate
#VoteLikeBlackWomen, #TeamKamalaHarris, #StillWithHer #NEVERBernie🤬
Valhalla “You Won’t Even Know You’re Bleeding”🔪
704 followers   The Sticks
If you can't do something smart, do something right. Jayne, Firefly
4212 followers   A proud South African citizen
Husband, father, Social Activist/ brain teaser/BareFacts_Orator. No race baiting tolerated.
Bernie Sanders
9402791 followers   Vermont
U.S. Senator from Vermont and candidate for President of the United States.
Tina Morphis
12796 followers   Dardanelle, AR Home of Tom Cot
BA Journalism/Public Relations, Single Mother..Do not go gentle into that good night, fight like your life depends on it, because it does #Resistance #BlueWave
CNN Politics
2847495 followers   Washington, D.C.
Political news, campaign stories and Washington coverage from CNN's political team.
Lynn V
14307 followers   East Stroudsburg, PA
#GenX Mom & Wife. HGTV Fan. I speak on Politics, Women's & Civil Rights. Lifelong Dem, #StillWithHer, #VoteLikeBlackWomen, #TeamKamalaHarris, #NoBernie, #NoMAGA
Mangy Jay
Phd-ing. Liberal Dem ❤️ history, cats, & rabbit holes. Have been both favorably & unfavorably compared to a muppet. She/Her
Madam Auntie Kamala Harris (Supporters)
9554 followers   DC and NYC
*UNAFFILIATED WITH KAMALA HARRIS* Run by Millennial Brothers/Legacy #KHive Members! @HowardU alumni. Like our FB👇🏾
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Monjula Ray
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I block anyone who calls Kamala a cop or uses the word neoliberal incorrectly or is an al franken defender. preferred pronouns are she/her. fuck TERFs.
31339 followers   📍Kwa-Zulu NamaNdiya
#courage #gratitude *Tweets by my alter ego.
Topher Spiro
101674 followers   Washington DC
Senior Fellow, Economic Policy and VP, Health Policy, @amprog. Personal account, opinions mine.
Lawyer, fangirl, and avid talker. Alabama born, raised, and living. I really love TV and tweeting about TV. All tweets = just me.
1113 followers   Miami
Miami-based tech exec - but use Twitter primarily for politics & sports so all opinions are solely my own
Elizabeth Warren
2835354 followers   Massachusetts
U.S. Senator, former teacher, and candidate for president. Wife, mom (Amelia, Alex, Bailey, @CFPB), grandmother, and Okie. She/hers. Official campaign account.
Welcome to the Sarandon Caged Child Revolution!
4522 followers   Seattle, WA
No rest while the Republic burns under Russian occupation. "Impeach Now!" screamers need not follow. #NancyRules #VoteLikeBlackWomen #NeverBernie #KHive
Andrew Gillum 2020
Andrew Gillum was the mayor of a bigger city than Buttigieg's. Why can't he run in 2020?
M. L.
Forever a student. Critical thinker. Believer in the African spiritual system as the only way humanity will survive today’s barbaric civilizations.
I'm focuzed man
I love technology. I love my family. I love this country, that’s why I served. USAF Veteran. I question everything.
Drew Savicki
5589 followers   Apex, NC
Basically I like maps and elections. North Carolinian by way of Connecticut and Illinois. 🧙‍♂️🗺️🏛
875 followers   Crestview, FL
#StillWithHer #Kamala2020 #LGBT #NewOrleansRaised #ProBlack #LoveEveryone #ATTEmployee
841 followers   North Carolina, USA
Doing the best I can in a world gone mad.
Scott Wong
31249 followers   Washington, D.C.
Senior staff writer @TheHill covering House leadership. @Politico & @AZCentral alum, @UCLA Bruin, Bay Area born and raised.
(((Harry Enten)))
139217 followers   I trust no living human, but I do trust the polls.
Son of a man who was far from perfect, but I loved him anyway. Party ID does not equal Party Registration. #RenegadeJew
JD Bender
2239 followers   United States
Ghost in the machine. Culmination of innumerable incarnations on the way to, idk, at least like three more. #Kamala2020
🌹 Fighter For Justice ⚖️
1639 followers   United States
It's time to #EndTheCorruption. #MedicareForAll #FightFor15 #CollegeForAll #GreenNewDeal #GunControl #MoneyOutOfPolitics #TaxTheRich #TYTArmy #Bernie2020
Chris Evans
Powerful Mel Ankoly 🦈 #ForThePeople
8861 followers   Los Angeles, CA
I am not a number, I am a free man.
Kyle Griffin
596054 followers   Manhattan, NY
Producer. MSNBC's @TheLastWord. Opinions mine. Do not congratulate.
195 followers   iPhone: 37.444557,-77.582062
Dad. Social Worker. Research Associate for @rbharva Opinions are mine and many others. RTs are most definitely endorsements. #PeteForAmerica
Barack Obama
107237679 followers   Washington, DC
Dad, husband, President, citizen.
This fuckin' guy again?
155 followers   Where Bern ain't—which means usually with women or POC.
For those of you who think this account was made just to troll Bernie, you graduated top of your class, huh? Genius deduction skills, asswipe.
Brian Slodysko
2865 followers   Washington, DC.
@AP Money and Politics Reporter. Past: Indiana @AP, Chicago @SunTimes, @ChicagoTribune. ⚡️TCB⚡️
4864 followers   New York, USA
Dual Citizen of USA and Sweden, Swedish Mother and American Father. Bilingual, Big Obama Supporter Ex Obama Volunteer.#Biden2020 #ImpeachTheMF #TeamPelosi
Bill Scher
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@POLITICOMag @RealClearNews @DMZShow @NewBooksPolitic "unique brand of bloodless, ideologically-inert liberalism"
Gary M. Sarli♿️
3227 followers   a secret lair in Texas
Mad Scientist™
I'm trying, I swear.
1930 followers   Raleigh, NC
Enough. Fuck olive branches. #KHive #NotmyPresident #StillWithHer #TurnNCBlue #FuckTrump #FuckBernie
Ryan Nobles
32709 followers   Washington, D.C.
@CNN Washington Correspondent | Husband and Dad | Following @BernieSanders campaign for President (and other things) | #lgm
Greg Krieg
11144 followers   Brooklyn, NY
@CNNPolitics reporter, covering the left. Rangers, Jets/Mets/Nets and SPURS — all, presumably, ‘til I die. If you must:
The Associated Press
13415392 followers   Global
News from The Associated Press, and a taste of the great journalism produced by AP members and customers. Managed 24/7 by these editors:
Geechie Gonna Get Ya!
1046 followers   Gay Wakanda, Africa
Every hour is happy hour! | Petty Gen Xer | Black, Gay & Bougie | M'Baku's side piece | #NeverBernie | #HarrisCastro2020 | Tweets endorsed by Black Jesus
Talia #Kamala2020
506 followers   A hill next to a mountain, WA
Gone fishin' 🐟🐟🎣🐟. No, seriously. Gone fishin'.
Blue Tsunami 2020
Political Polls
President, Senate, House And Governor Polls. Telegram: Instagram:
81942 followers   Washington, D.C.
The NRCC is dedicated to defeating Democrats and taking back the House in 2020.
34659 followers   Finger Lakes, N.Y.
N.Y. 23rd Dem. #BlueWave #Resist #FBR #DACA We are stronger together. Animal lover, Liberal. 49 4d 50 45 41 43 48
Sarah E. Geimer
226 followers   Kansas City, MO, USA
Jamiel Pauling
160 followers   Brooklyn, NY
Elevator mechanic helper #KamalaHarris2020
Carla Marinucci
31873 followers   San Francisco, CA USA
POLITICO CA Playbook senior writer in Golden State. Tips, news? RTs no endorsement. Subscribe free:
Kamala Harris
2954977 followers   California
U.S. Senator and candidate for president. Wife, Momala, Auntie. Fighting for the people. No corporate PACs, just people like you. Text JOIN to 70785 to join us.
Florida Chris
3530 followers   Florida, USA
Proud Montanan & Floridian. Huge nerd w/ a lab named Shelby. I raise lots of $ for stuff. Loves: Emory, Vanderbilt, Columbia, UF Gators, beach, clearly a homo.
2491 followers   NYC & Virginia
A sistah who travels. Lawyer, wife & stepmom. Documenting my journeys locally and around the world.

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