Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Guy Verhofstadt
371943 followers   Europe
President of @ALDEGroup and Brexit Coordinator for @Europarl_EN #IAmEuropean🇪🇺
fidelma cook
5641 followers   France
Freelance journalist. Columnist. Author. Based in South West France covering Europe. When paid. From a field. Somewhere in La France Profonde.
James A Mcvean
3018 followers   Caithness, Bonnie Scotland
Father of 3 and Campaigner for a fairer Scotland, Fracking and Trident Free...Mon the SNP
🎗ordiVK AKA YuriBCN
3879 followers   El Carmel-Barcelona, Catalunya
Social media consultant, translation/localisation & radio host. RTs not necessarily my opinion. Tweeting since Jan 25, 2008. We are legion and we will fight on!
European Commission 🇪🇺
1073682 followers   Brussels, Belgium
News and information from the European Commission. Tweets by the Social Media Team. Engaging on #TeamJunckerEU priorities:
ALDE Group
78907 followers   Brussels
We are the pro-European political group in the @Europarl_EN fighting for your freedom, stronger civil rights while securing economic growth and jobs 🇪🇺
Julia 🇬🇧 #NoDealBrexitNow
9895 followers   Londoner by the seaside 🏖
Love my country & our Armed Forces 🇬🇧 Proud Brit & European, hate what the EU is doing to Europe. Pro #Brexit #NoDeal #Meritocrat
Phil Gabe
1284 followers   Weymouth, England
All history and archaeology, old buildings, all music (especially 70's rock), cars (the older the better), real ale and chilling out in Spain!
Elisabeth Hunyadi
5611 followers   The Netherlands
Oprichter/Voorzitter @burgerplatform. 0-21 jaar communisme Roemenië, Hongaarse minderheid. Democratie. Rechtsstaat. Publiek debat. Opinie. Kritisch op policor
Don Mascarpone ™
EU kritisch, maakt gebruik van VRIJHEID VAN MENINGSUITING, zolang het nog kan én mag in dit land. mijn back-up account = @Don_Mascarpone2 voor het geval dat...
Orlando Jenkinson
306 followers   London, England
Reporter @SurreyComet , qualm peddler @thebubblecom formerly of the Buenos Aires Herald @BAHeraldcom 📞: 0208 722 6344 | ✉️:
8562 followers   London, England
Carsfield ©
3167 followers   Holland
(breaking) nieuwsjunk / geopolitiek/ sociaal-conservatief / eurosceptisch / anti-policor / nee tegen globalisme
Carlow College
992 followers   Carlow Town
Third Level College in the heart of Carlow Town. We offer degrees in Humanities, English & History, Social Studies & Social, Political & Community Studies.

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