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Propane Jane™
126451 followers   Houston, TX
Wife. Mother. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Doctor. Christian. Longhorn. Liberal. Democrat. Realist. Scorpio. Recycler. Politics Junkie. Proverbial Firestarter.
Mónica Rhor
4219 followers   Houston, Texas
Editorial writer, columnist & editorial board member @Houstonchron. Proud Latina, mom, proponent of the curative power of Vivaporú.
Acid Grave
858 followers   cleveland
Enjoying my Asian Privilege. Libertarian-Freedom-Cyclist-Primal Diet-Founder of the Cleveland chapter of Asian Lives Matter-Lover of shoes with Red soles.
221 followers   Pennsylvania, USA
The Four-Eyed Raven🙋🏿‍♂️👈🏿👉🏿🙋🏿‍♂️
1211 followers   USA
Be safe. Stay at Home. Vote for Joe in November
They Call Me Mr Tibbs
259 followers   NYC
NYC Music Guide
Allen Ripley
37 followers   Connecticut, USA
“I’m as Mad as Hell...” #ResistTrump #Resist GOP and call bullshit whenever you hear it.
Resistance partner. Patriot. Lover of science, the planet, environment, and humanity. Call Your Congress member! 202-224-2131 Be calm, be reasoned.
This is the Worst West Wing episode.........EVER!
556 followers   Falls City, The Grand Strand, North Charleston.
Listening to people talking shit on Twitter, and occasionally joining in. Red Devil, Gamecock, Chanticleer. Panthers, Red Sox.
And The Tweet Goes On
16727 followers   United States
HRC45thPOTUS, Equality forALL#DACA#Women'sRights#NeverBernie BERNERS=BLOCK#CentristNeoliberal #Biden2020

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