Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
David Putnam
9363 followers   Bloomington, IN
Fighting Donald Trump one snarky tweet at a time. Engineer turned MBA student. Raised conservative, now progressive and loving it. #BlockedByTrump #Resist
Donald J. Trump
36457371 followers   Washington, DC
45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸
45545 followers   New York, USA
journalist & producer || contribs @VICE || Proudly Blocked by @realDonaldTrump
Impeach Donald Trump
Donald Trump should be impeached. #notmypresident #TheResistance #ImpeachTrump Comey - "Lordy" T-shirt -
3705 followers   from Birmingham
Navy veteran, multiple award winning poet, writer, equality advocate, songwriter, elegy & eulogy writer/performer. Also, a medical analyst. #resist #resistance
5088 followers   STL MO
TRUMP SUPPORTER ON DAY 1 #exdem #PedoGate #BackTheBlue #1A #2A STL/KC Petlover/Rescuer *NOT PC* #AmericaFirst I BLOCK STUPID LIBS
Ed Krassenstein
486244 followers   Florida, USA
Entrepreneur, Writer, Editor (, Investor, Consultant. Politically Independent, Anti-Trump. #impeachTrump #notmypresident #TheResistance
Tony Posnanski
76843 followers   New York, USA
Verified loser
1801 followers   SC
Proud South Carolinian, I love the beach, God and guns. so much so, that I cling to them...😎 #MAGA
0 followers   United States
Typical internet nerd. Analyst. Zombieaholic. Infuriatingly humble entrepreneur. Music buff. Tv specialist. Friendly thinker. Reader.
Richard Bliss
34 followers   The Home of Rock and Roll
Angela Belcamino
40974 followers   NYC
Actor at @IMDb | Bass at @smbproject | Writer at @sheisfiercehq | #blockedbyTrump | @Rollinscollege Alum | @YouNow Partner
Catherine Piske
2193 followers   Texas, USA
Paralegal. Atheist. Women's rights activist, Anti-Trump. #Resistance #NeverTrump, #LGBTQ Ally. We will not be silent. #Covfefe we stand.
436 followers   Washington, DC
DC/NY Correspondent🇺🇸Country Before Party
Jacob Wohl
63490 followers   Los Angeles, CA
CEO of Montgomery Assets | Fixed Income/Rates Trader | Trumpenomics Expert | Financial and Political Commentator
Jerrod Dozier
113 followers   ÜT: 34.70587,-86.686485
Auburn Alumn 07, Loving husband and father to my beautiful girls. love the new addition to our family. My little Lucy
Ian Cusick
203 followers   East Greenwich, Rhode Island
Writer for @ProSportsFandom - I like Tom Brady, Buffalo Wings, and long walks on the beach - Nichols 2021 - Duo @Jordan_B0820
10 followers   Holmdel, NJ
Half lawyer/Half Burd. Believes in sarcasm, good beer, Hunter Thompson, Iggy Pop, the Big Lebowski and Exile on Main Street. Everything else is suspect.
M.R. Schmidt
253 followers   kneedeep
and today's shocker is??
Dani Bostick
12642 followers   United States
Writer | Educator | Keeping Latin fresh & current | Disrupting shame & silence | Avoiding popcorn jelly beans |
4747 followers   Palm Beach, Florida
I'm a Wife & Mom to a daughter who owns my ♥️. I'm a work in progress w/ eclectic tweets. My 🇺🇸 is currently unrecognizable so I #RESIST ✌🏼️❤️🌎🇺🇸♻️🏳️‍🌈
Political Doodle
Liberal liberal liberal. AKA I manage by fact. I tell it like it is & rarely pull my punches.And I'm mad as hell #RESIST #TheResistance #Russiagate #GOPchaos
3754 followers   Scottsdale, AZ
Mom to 4 furry dogs, 3 amazing kids, and wife to a wonderful guy! It's great fun, crazy, messy and I love it all!
219 followers   Kansas City, MO
Hello world, how've you been? Good to see you, my old friend.
2453 followers   New York, USA
The Cobbled Shoe Of Humility #TheResistance ("Once you’ve followed 5K users, there's limits to # of users you can follow") If you follow, I'll follow back soon.
Mariann Eppo
#TheResistance Democrat, love NY State, love the Yankees. Please don't add me to lists!
157 followers   Pittston, PA
Adam Best
37007 followers   Austin, Texas
Entrepreneur/Filmmaker. @FanSided Founder/Ex-CEO. Progressive. Blocked by Trump. NBA Fan. Dapper Nerd. Tweetstormer. Exposing right-wing hypocrisy. #ImWithKap
Roger Wilner
92 followers   Portland, OR
I don't THINK so
near normal
276 followers   A US city
Mother, Grandmother and Proud Member of the #TheRemoval and #Resistance
900 followers   Midwest Kind Of Guy
Divided States Of America Constitutional Republic Turned Oligarchy. Anti-Globalism @OhioStateAlumni @PGATour @Vikings @Twins @DetroitRedwings @RealDonaldTrump👍
Benito El Pocho
317 followers   California, USA
Bajista de La Orden De Michoacan.Ex Bajista de Grupo Los Detectives, Excelencia Musical, Pezados del Norte, y Grupo Impacto de la Bahia.Venmo is Benito-Garcia-2
Breitbart News
News, commentary, and destruction of the political/media establishment.
Omar Navarro
82583 followers   TORRANCE,CA
Candidate for congress in the 43rd District of CA & supporter of the Constitution. #VoteNavarro2018 🇺🇸#MaxineWatersHasToGo
595 followers   Northern California
Optimist refusing to be a victim of fuckery. So there.
Juche Guevara
80 followers   Eugene, OR
I'm so average, I wear an extra-medium. Great dad, mediocre husband, terrible writer. Once told "The Aristocrats" at a nursing home.
174 followers   Boca Raton, FL
1003 followers   North Carolina
Fiscally conservative & outspoken. NOT PC. Patriotic & charitable, Passionate for America, Israel, Freedom. & Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. MSM must go.
Kissimmee Police
11516 followers   Kissimmee, Florida
This is the official Twitter feed for the Kissimmee Police Department Feed not monitored 24/7 Emergencies call 9-1-1 Non-Emergencies call 407-846-3333
16 followers   United States
Bonnie Greenberg
3724 followers   Stoughton, MA
Strong , Jewish conservative voice, a patriot who believes in our Constitution and the American way of life Liberals , antisemites &Trump haters need not apply!
Barb Huber
Retired teacher Bachelor of Education Dog owner and lover

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