Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Zarrar Khuhro
156727 followers   Pakistan
Accident journalist. Dawn columnist. Host #ZaraHatKay. Lord of Trolls. Hated by entire ideological spectrum. Inventor of tamgha-e-chay. Favourite food: lifafas
omar r quraishi
176947 followers   Pakistan
Journalist, ex-Dawn, ET, etc. Ex-media consultant to @BBhuttoZardari media trainer, comms & edu Skype: omarrquraishi
Bina Shah
63500 followers   Pakistan
Pakistani writer. Author of Before She Sleeps. Prisoner of Zembla
Mehr Tarar
172413 followers   Lahore, Pakistan
His mom. Columnist. Author of Do We Not Bleed? and Leaves from Lahore. Veritas vos liberabit. Words matter.
Diaa Hadid ضياء حديد
15682 followers   Australian Capital Territory
Writer, photog. Aussie. Quirky Levantine. NPR's woman in Islamabad. ex-NYT, ex-AP. Write me: open
Nighat Dad
38666 followers   Pakistan
Internet Rights, Privacy, Women Rights, Lawyer, Founder @digitalrightsPK @TIME NextGenLeader, Alumni @BKCHarvard @TEDfellow, OpenGovt, @YGLvoices, typo queen
Munizae Jahangir
94293 followers   Pakistan
Pakistani TV journalist and documentary filmmaker.Retweets are not endorsements.
Amber Rahim Shamsi
44186 followers   Islamabad, Pakistan
Multi-media journalist. Currently anchor at Hum News. Formerly DawnNews, BBC, Herald, TNS. #ICFJ and #IVLP fellow. RTs are not endorsements
Nosheen Abbas
80858 followers   Islamabad, Pakistan.
Multimedia journalist. Former BBC World Service. Stuff for The Guardian, Al Jazeera and DAWN.
AGHS Legal Aid Cell, Asma Jahangir's Law Firm
802566 followers   Lahore Pakistan
Official Twitter Account of AGHS Legal Aid Cell, co-founded by Asma Jahangir. AGHS continues to provide access to justice for the vulnerable and voiceless.

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