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Vice President Mike Pence
6675145 followers   Washington, D.C.
Vice President Mike Pence. Husband, father, & honored to serve as the 48th Vice President of the United States. Tweets may be archived:
President Trump
24261712 followers   Washington, D.C.
45th President of the United States of America, @realDonaldTrump. Tweets archived:
Donald J. Trump
55204888 followers   Washington, DC
45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸
The White House
17479506 followers   Washington, D.C.
Welcome to @WhiteHouse! Follow for the latest from President @realDonaldTrump and his Administration. Tweets may be archived:
Kid Rock
563055 followers   Detroit, MI
New Album Sweet Southern Sugar: Red Blooded RocknRoll Redneck Extravaganza Tour 2018:
The Wall Street Journal
16090200 followers   New York, NY
Breaking news and features from the WSJ.
Secretary Pompeo
70th U.S. Secretary of @StateDept, working alongside the world’s finest diplomatic corps. Husband, father, Army veteran, and proud Kansan.
423353 followers   Texas & Tennessee
Bart = @bartmillard, Mike = @mikescheuchzer, Robby = @robbyshaffer, Barry = @barrygraul, Nate = @nathancochran
Sarah Sanders
3378143 followers   Washington, D.C.
@WhiteHouse Press Secretary. Proudly representing @POTUS Trump's Administration. Tweets may be archived:
Trump's Feed
29841 followers   Washington, DC
A bot that retweets tweets from people the president follows on Twitter. A project of @pbump.
Scott Dworkin
Co-Founder/Lead Investigator @TheDemCoalition. Host of #DworkinReport podcast. Proud member of #TheResistance. Democrat. Helped uncover #TrumpRussia.
we are #RabbiRoseanneStrong. ❤ =^..^=
2057 followers   Lisa's right here. Also Mars.
Zionist.HaShem.Yisrael.💙 Real.Gritty. Resilient af.Seeker/speaker of TRUTH. Learning LOTS.Natural teacher &protector: don't tempt my mama grizzly side. #MAGA.
🚫LISTS* #QFDBan #Christian✝️#WWG1WGA #Conservative #Patriot #USAFirst gab @MissWinMa #BuildTheWall #KAG Love it or LEAVE IT #QAnon #Trump2020
Brian Krassenstein
558001 followers   Fort Myers, FL
Outspoken critic of Donald Trump - Editor at ------------------- Follow My Brother: @EdKrassen
Jake Tapper
CNN Anchor of @TheLeadCNN and @CNNSOTU and Chief Washington Correspondent; author of the NYT best-selling novel @TheHellfireClub and non fiction @TheOutpostBook
Events Manager, Wife (& Mum to 4 very spoilt fur girls). RTs from verified sources & journalists. Prolific Retweeter, only follow journalists. no fake news.
Mia Farrow
457695 followers   New England
“Remember: until an hour before the Devil fell, God thought him beautiful in Heaven.” -- Arthur Miller, The Crucible
Heather (Just me)
192 followers   Palm Coast Florida
Long Island NY girl in a Florida world. Absolutely LOVE The *PATRIOTS*!!!!! *PROUD DEPLORABLE* #MAGA *LOVE OUR PRESIDENT* #WALKAWAY
Senator Ted Cruz
1138974 followers   Houston, Texas
Representing the State of Texas in the United States Senate.
9887 followers   Planet Earth
Q-Researcher IT Consultant #HumanRightsViolations #Satan #Lucifer #SatanticRitual #Bloodlines RH- #FallenAngels #RomanEmpire #Atlantis #QAnon
Sec. Sonny Perdue
31st Secretary @USDA. Husband, Father of 4, Big Buddy to 14 grandchildren. #Farmer, #Veteran, #Veterinarian, former two-term Gov. of GA.
66937 followers   District of Columbia
The Supreme Court of the United States - We are a private group, Tweeting news and information related to the Supreme Court of the U.S.
Exposing: crime/sec societies/pedos/FFs/hoaxes/liars/evilness/child-hum traffickers/false religions- in JESUS' MIGHTY NAME! #Q #MAGA #WWG1WWA
Ana Navarro
1022764 followers   Coral Gables, Fl
Nicaraguan by birth. American by choice. Miamian by luck. @CNN @ABC @Telemundo contributor. Unsuccessful dieter. Can often find me protesting a despot somewhere
Ted Cruz
3247136 followers   Houston, Texas
Father of two, @heidiscruz's husband, fighter for liberty. Representing the great state of Texas in the U.S. Senate.
Scarlet Pimpernel
638 followers   USA
Vietnam era veteran keeping an eye on lying Trump. Resisting his nonsense and speaking out about Republican’s failure to do anything about it. #BlueWave2018
Lindsey Graham
542892 followers   South Carolina
The official Twitter feed for United States Senator Lindsey Graham.
Join our team and get official updates from the Republican National Committee. ⬇️
Leader McConnell
688862 followers   Washington, DC
U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
Franklin Graham
Official Twitter account for the President of Samaritan's Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.
Writer, CR HIATT
Writes screenplays and action-oriented P.I. and spy novels depicting young women as heroes.
Pete Sessions
I proudly represent the people of Texas' 32nd Congressional District and serve as the Chairman of the House Committee on Rules.
🚨🐏FOLLOW @therealroseanne❗️
1976 followers   Anywhere my mind desires
🍀30+yo,Married 10yrs.🏥slave.CF4life!♻️❤️️My Inmate+4🐱&2🐶#i2💊=💰conservatively progressive independent🇺🇸 🌎1st!🗿=👽TERF❌Labels!🖕PC! 👻WOKE💭👁‍🗨🗯AWAKE
Donald Trump Jr.
EVP of Development & Acquisitions The @Trump Organization, Father, Outdoorsman, In a past life Boardroom Advisor on The Apprentice
The Democrats
1491124 followers   Washington, D.C.
This is the official Twitter account of the Democratic Party. Follow us to get the latest info on Democratic news and issues.
93 followers   Bay Area, California
Climate change is here! Let’s do something about it! Tesla Model 3 Owner. Progressive, and proud of it. Be kind to one another. ❤️
Darlene Kelly
Proud mother of four & grandmother of two Proud Army Mom #DemForce #VoteThemOut #LGBT resist #GlovesOff
Tracey Mote
212 followers   Northampton, England
mum of 3 adults 2 sons 1 daughter 1 step granddaughter 3 wonderful grandson,s married 22yrs to my best friend Ray WWG1WGA

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