Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Tudor Dixon
68618 followers   Michigan, USA
Worked in steel manufacturing, mom of four girls, breast cancer survivor, Granddaughter of Whitmer nursing home victim & GOP Nominee for Governor of Michigan.
Kari Lake for AZ Governor
344264 followers   Iowa, Phoenix & Pine, AZ
Official Twitter Account for Trump-Endorsed Candidate for Arizona Governor. Text KARI to 70789. Find me on TRUTH Social at karilake & FB at TheKariLake.
Anthony Shnark 💙🇺🇸
14540 followers   The Left Coast
Find humor in life. Live that life to its fullest. Be a decent person. It’s not that hard.
Donald Trump Jr.
Future leader Ministry of Truth, Father, Outdoorsman, Meme War General, founder: MxM News, Field Ethos Journal, Winning Team Publishing Pronouns:
Blake Masters
154871 followers   Tucson AZ
Running for U.S. Senate in Arizona 🌵🇺🇸 Endorsed by President Trump
Abe Hamadeh for Arizona AG
31605 followers   Arizona, USA
Republican Candidate for Arizona Attorney General • Former Maricopa County Prosecutor • US Army Reserve Captain • Endorsed by President Trump 🇺🇸
Eli Crane for Congress
Endorsed by President Trump. Husband, Father, Believer. Native Arizonan. Former US Navy SEAL. Founder of @Bottle_Breacher. Republican Nominee for AZ-02.
John Gibbs for MI-3
32493 followers   Byron Center, MI
Running for Congress in MI-3. Endorsed by Pres. Trump. Michigan Native. Trump Admin Alum @ HUD under Dr. Ben Carson. Stanford & Harvard. Fluent In Japanese.
Ronna McDaniel
@GOP Chairwoman | Wife, mother of two

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