Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Sue #JusticeIsComing
17175 followers   Rockville MD
#FreeTheChildren #VoteBlueNoMatterWho #ProtectMueller #FuckTrump #GOPTraitors #BoycottNRA Pragmatic Progressive Democrat Citizen Journalist providing FACTS
Tracy L Cooper
2242 followers   Roswell, NM
Proud progressive since I ran home from school to watch the Watergate hearings. Animal lover, rescuer & will admit, like them more than most humans!
337 followers   Secret Bunneh Hutch
I am Usagi-San the Bunneh ! I has a powerful kami-OVER 9000 ! RT not endorsement, Bunneh's opinions being to Bunneh ! #Atheist #Resist (\__/) ( o.O) (")_(")
David Rowinski
Links to my book trailers a graphic myth a children's bedtime story
Taryn 'stable genius' Stanford
7639 followers   Bay area, California
LGTBQ, Proud Dem believes in equality for all. Tweeting politics, travel, food & fashion (I'm a total shoe-aholic). Trolls/haters are blocked. No DMs w/o invite
Resist2Exist from #Shithole #Haiti🇭🇹🇺🇸
2630 followers    Resistance Headquaters
Haitian PragmaticLib❤️Kids&🐶 StraightNotNarrow, Allergic to bigotry&willful ignorance. Compromising isn’t givingup your ideals but getting closer 2 your goals.
2585 followers   DE
Wife and mother of 4 beautiful children. Registered Nurse & Psa (Psoriatic Disease) sufferer. AKA Obama/Hill-bot. #DemForce #RESIST#FBR
Janine Dupras 🌈
273 followers   Cary, NC
Nana of 2, Proud liberal Democrat, LGBTQ and furious with the GOP!! #resist
5195 followers   Albuquerque, New Mexico
Life-long liberal & curmudgeon. Honored to have taught high school kids for 30 yrs. Nicer than I appear on twitter. #BlackLivesMatter #SayHerName #MuslimID

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