Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Sue #JusticeIsComing
13202 followers   Rockville MD
#ProtectMueller #FBR #ITMFA #NeverGOP #MarchForOurLives #BoycottNRA Pragmatic Progressive &100% Democrat. Citizen Journalist providing the FACTS MSM fails to!
Bird34 📎
412 followers   Towson, MD
Raising a human. Bride. Wild heart. Rock The Vote Volunteer. #Resist #MeToo #RockTheVote #VamosRafa🎾 “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.”
2279 followers   DE
Wife and mother of 4 beautiful children. Registered Nurse & Psa (Psoriatic Disease) sufferer. AKA Obama/Hill-bot. #UniteBlue #DemForce #RESIST#FBR
Sandy in Derwood
1053 followers   Washington, DC
MSM is owned by corrupt Corporations! Find alternative sources such as Free Speech TV! I block #Dolt45 supporters & as I don't tolerate fools!
Keith Tiberius
1168 followers   Virginia, USA
I'm thinking of going mad...Anyone else? We can split the driving. #TheResistance Zero Tolerance policy for trolls and assholes.
22371 followers   Los Angeles, CA
Frances Callier & Angela V. Shelton @applepodcasts @omnystudio Political & Pop-Culture Divas & proud members of #TheResistance
Tracy L Cooper
1728 followers   Roswell, NM
Proud progressive since I ran home from school to watch the Watergate hearings. Animal lover, rescuer & will admit, like them more than most humans!
4957 followers   Albuquerque, New Mexico
Life-long liberal & curmudgeon. Nicer than I appear on twitter. Oh & I tend to cuss. #BlackLivesMatter #SayHerName #MuslimID
Nasty B
5522 followers   United States
I came for #TheResistance, im staying for the pie. Its our duty to protect the weak from abusers, in 2016 we failed. Progressive music is my thing! #MST3K 🤗
Lynette Craig
421 followers   Florida, USA
Liberal, feminist, ex NYer, political junkie surrounded by trumpsters in fl. They dont stand a chance.
Resist2Exist from #Shithole #Haiti🇭🇹🇺🇸
1930 followers    Resistance Headquaters
Haitian PragmaticLib❤️Kids&🐶 StraightNotNarrow, Allergic to bigotry&willful ignorance. Compromising isn’t givingup your ideals but getting closer 2 your goals.
Taryn 'stable genius' Stanford
6239 followers   East Coast, USA
LGTBQ, Proud Dem believes in equality for all. Tweeting politics, travel, food & fashion (I'm a total shoe-aholic). Trolls/haters are blocked. No DMs w/o invite
Janine Dupras 🏳️‍🌈
255 followers   Cary, NC
Nana to 2 great kids, proud democrat, LGBTQ and furious with all GOP!! #resist
2812 followers   New Mexico, USA
#TheResistance #ResistFake45 #SexyLiberal #LGBTQ #HeartFanatic #DenverBroncos Living w/TBI
Beverlee Hughes
11968 followers   North Carolina, USA
We're in the fight of our lives. We can't tire, we can't despair, we can't quit. Losing isn't an option. PERSIST! RESIST! ENLIST! PREVAIL! @DemsWork4USA
(((Activist Bitch Morgana))) 🥀
15147 followers   Los Angeles
International #1 best selling author, mentor coach, speaker, alchemist, & noisy activist. #StillWithHer #OnwardTogether #blockedbyChiefCovfefe #FeministAF
AsperGirl, Under Attack by LW Trolls
High-value target of Ω trolls, who put 100+ man hours in 4 days into smear trolling me. I don't scare easy #OpLoveSec #StillWithHer #TheResistance
390 followers   Ontario, Canada
Atheist, music lover and sports fan. Interested in politics.🌊
Ride Or Die Hillary Democrat
#TheResistance #StillWithHer Distance Learning Specialist & Online Curriculum Developer /ELA. Lifelong liberal Democrat. Heathen. NO LISTS.
Hillary Warned Us 🐇🐤🦂
Referenced by @CNN, @Variety, @thehill, @TIME. Hardened Hillary Democrat. Geek, with detours into esoterica. I block and fast. #OnwardTogether #TheResistance
36053 followers   United States
The Election was stolen. We will not rest until those responsible are held accountable. #AlwaysWithHer #TrueDemocratOrBust2020 #Resist #FBR #ImStillWithHer 🙏
Hillary In Pictures
9466 followers   #AlwaysWithHer
Homage to Hillary

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