Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Seth Abramson
394942 followers   "The dots have been most persistently connected by Seth Abramson." —Vanity Fair / "His theory-testing is urgently important." —POLITICO
Attorney. Professor @UofNH (journalism, law). Words @CNN, @BBC, @MSNBC, @NPR, @PBS, @VanityFair, @CBS, @WashingtonPost, @Bloomberg, @CBC and others. Views mine.
Ari Costello
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Bill Nash
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Photographer, technologist, crazy uncle, autodidact.
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#Irishlass obsessed with #tinyhomes and #twinklelights. Communications Director for @StJoMo.
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*New acct*• Not a troll • Not a bot • Mommy • Wife • Born sometime in the 80s • Country over party • #Resist 🤘🏼🌸⚾️🎸🌎✈️💄👠🛍

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