Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Seriously Absurd 🏳️‍🌈
783 followers   Philadelphia
Absurdly serious about half the time. #resist #StillWithHer 🏳️‍🌈
Happy New Fabucat Year!
10489 followers   DMV
Sensible progressive Cat waitress. Ordinary people got ponies in the 60s and 70s. Too Socialist for centrists and too centrist for Socialists. Tweet 4 animals
Regina ❤️🍩
OBGYN. Mother of 2. Hillary fanatic, and resister of Trump's and Bernie's nationalistic and regressive world view.
Daniel Montiel
231 followers   Galt, CA
291 followers   New Orleans, LA
Centrists and the Right are united in their obsession with capital. This is why they're fundamentally the same.
Teacher from Waco, TX. Baylor alum. Love animals, but people have a tendency to annoy me, especially on the highway. Get out of the left lane!!!
Aleksei the Wolf
788 followers   Manhattan, NY
19 Male - Furry - Gay - 💘 @Motochuka - SUNY Bing Poly Sci - #JusticeDemocrats - ❤❤❤
BHP Animal Watch
2946 followers   United States
Call me autotelic.
💣The Lord Grand Chancellor of Bitchin'💣
6831 followers   Newark, Delaware
Editor, Writer, and Master of Ceremonies. Check out… I follow writers #amwriting Dirty, dirty #populist
Chris Tanasoff
Politics & Pop stars
Little Jon Quijote
Former dragon slayer and calf model, now I keep them both as pets, dragons and calves. I must admit accusations of blackface make me a little stabby.
hardcore Democrat, proudly blocked by Greta van Susteren, part of #TheResistance, cat lover, inveterate reader
Sharon Krossa 🌊🌹🍩 Call Congress: (202) 224-3121
1348 followers   Silicon Valley
Web consultant & trainer—SK+ & Stanford—Scottish medieval historian—Baby whisperer—#ImWithHer—🌹isForHer—See @SKplusDrupal for all the tech but not the politics
725 followers   SoCal - still Jersey tho
Feminist. Atheist. Mom. advocate. #hillaryisperfect #resist #metoo I hate everyone. #BLM #LGBTQ+ Ally.
A Casual Observer
Older, but remarkably fit. Well rounded cynic - yet strangely optimistic...
Walk Talk Dunk🍩☕️🍩
I was seduced with donuts. Liberal Democrat. Hillary admirer. #ReclaimingMyTime Illogical Bernie die-hards blocked. #Resistance
Mieke S. Vote Blue!
Historian, #StillWithHer #TheResistance #FBR #Resist #FBPE I follow back, but brogressives or Trump fans shouldnt follow me, thx!
Jane the Scammer🍩💦 🌹✂🥀
7098 followers   Oakland, CA
Compassionate, protective, free-spirited, OEF/OIF Navy Veteran NeoLiberal Establishment Shill and a Leo #INFP #RebelHeart #OnwardTogether
❄️Liberal Navy Vet🍩💦🥀🏳️‍🌈❄️
873 followers   United States
USN Vet, Webmaster, Feminist, musician, Political Sci & Human Rights Student, Cat Lady #BLM #Resist #VeteransResist #StillWithHer #FBR #ACE
Free Spirit 4 Ever
Active Since Late May 2017. Twitter Activist. No Spam Accounts Please. Politically Independent.
Cliesthenes is rolling in his grave.🌹🌹🌹
KansasGirlAC 🍩💫✨
2179 followers   TX, USA
Kansas girl born & raised. Degreed Interior Designer, Proud liberal, Patriot, truth defender, avid researcher. No Lists. #Resistance #FBR #StillWithHer #MeToo
Writer, snarker, martini-er. All debatable careers. If your argument against choice invokes Godwin's Law, don't bother, you have already lost.
Sherrill O hAodha 🖕
395 followers   The Throne of Hell
Disabled war veteran; Irish American; Polish American; Dumbass Hillbilly from the backwoods of Tennessee. Happily retired. Neoliberal is not an insult.
Jason Elias
4461 followers   Maryland
Freelance writer, pop culture historian. General Factotum. 8 Track Fixer. #Resistance
Rich Grahamૐ✞
2762 followers   Eugene, Oregon
#Resist Likes mean i read it and value your opinion, retweets mean i either do or dont.
Doug Osborne
3081 followers   Follow my music @DOsbornemusic
“Vulnerable” “Entitlement” “Diversity” “Transgender” “Fetus” “Evidence–Based” and “Science-Based”
Donna Connelly
4172 followers   Florida, USA
Dog lover, and Hillary supporter. Trump supporters...don't even aren't worthy of answering. Because there is no debating the deplorables..🍩🍩🍩🍩
457 followers   Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn-based filmmaker, proud union-member (Directors Guild of America), Mozart in the Jungle, highly opinionated and never wrong. #DSA
Aria the Wet Blanket
2082 followers   Seguin, TX
I'm a centrist, I defend Hillary because until we know fact from fiction what's the point of it all? #Trans #HillsterDefense
Altruistic Trillionaire
179 followers   Cypress Creek, USA
Just a perfectly normal trillionaire with his own space program. At Globex we believe that all lives matter, especially those of multinational corporate persons

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