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Senate Democrats
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News from leadership staff of Senate Democrats.
Join our team and get official updates from the Republican National Committee. ⬇️
Donald J. Trump
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45th President of the United States of America🇺🇸
Lindsey Graham
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The official Twitter feed for United States Senator Lindsey Graham.
Brian Krassenstein
599123 followers   Fort Myers, FL
Outspoken critic of Donald Trump - Editor at ------------------- Follow My Brother: @EdKrassen
Senate Republicans
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News and updates from Republican senators and their staff.
Sen. Patrick Leahy
172048 followers   Washington, DC
Tierney Sneed
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Reporter @tpm. Previously @usnews. Hoya. Florida woman at heart. Tell me your secrets:
Keith Boykin
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@CNN commentator. Eight years on CNBC. NY Times bestselling author. Dartmouth. Harvard Law. Taught at Columbia. Former White House aide.
Senator Bob Corker
383315 followers   Tennessee
Official news and updates from United States Senator Bob Corker (R-Tennessee) and his staff.
Cameron Joseph
16852 followers   Washington, DC
Senior political correspondent @tpm. Almanac of American Politics contributor, @BPshow guest host. Bylined & large.
Kamala Harris
United States Senator for California

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