Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Senator Rand Paul
2379596 followers   Bowling Green, KY
U.S. Senator for Kentucky | I fight for the Constitution, individual liberty and the freedoms that make this country great.
Sen. Lisa Murkowski
172946 followers   Alaska & Washington, D.C.
Official Twitter account for U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski. Follow me for news and updates on what's happening in the Senate and across Alaska.
Sen. Susan Collins
380862 followers   Maine
United States Senator from Maine. All tweets originate from the Press Office of Senator Susan Collins.
Paul Ryan
3670019 followers   Janesville, WI
Office of the 54th Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.
Leader McConnell
565208 followers   Washington, DC
U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
K & K Cattle Company
17036 followers   Montana, USA
Constitutional conservative #ProIsrael #ProLife #1A #2A #NRA #CCOT I Follow back. #MAGA #IBOF #TrumpTrain #codeofvets #Patriots UNITE
Lindsey Graham
288659 followers   South Carolina
The official Twitter feed for United States Senator Lindsey Graham.
2618 followers   In a perfect world...
Calfornia dissolving into a cauldron of communism. Liberals r building an army of "dreamer" criminals to subdue hard-working Americans #MAGA #ReleaseTheMemo

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