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Persistent | Blocked by 85 Tory MPs, Paul Nuttall & Right Said Fred | Growing interest in politics | Bad driver | Mum | Cake | I blog a bit |
Theresa May
Prime Minister and @Conservatives Leader.
SirBucky McNally OBE
5194 followers   Scotland,
am ur scum av goat hunnerz ov wanes an am always gettin burdz up the duff on ma benefit av got nae kwalifikasyuns an am a scrounger like torn faced Teresa May
The Agitator
Don't Capitulate... Agitate! #JC4PM
Jackie Doyle-Price
4386 followers   Grays, Thurrock, Essex
Member of parliament for the Thurrock constituency. Minister for care and mental health
Jeremy Corbyn
1546184 followers   UK
Leader of the Labour Party.
Unite the union
57340 followers   UK and Ireland
The UK and Ireland's largest trade union. Join at:
Laura Pidcock MP
Proud to be Member of Parliament for North West Durham. If you are a constituent with an issue, please email:
Disability News DNS
8879 followers   Hampshire
Editor/founder of Disability News Service, author of Longcare Survivors: The Biography of a Care Scandal
289 followers   Glasgow, Scotland
Scottish & Socialist Mum & Granma. Lives in organised chaos - better than Oblivion!
#PenkyDog Song Writer, Producer of Musical Score for @Belonging4Us - Art - Photography - Mr @penkymax Instagram penkydogart
Steven Tuck
1082 followers   Moulton
Husband, Dad, Chef. Tweets for @orgreavejustice daily in honour of my grandad. a solid 12 month striking miner. following me means I may tag you in pictures
Ali L
4116 followers   SW France via NI
Married, with 3/4's of a cat, generally happy person. Prone to losing internet & never intentionally online after 6pm.
987550 followers   UK
Gang Signs & Prayer -
Peter Ross
804 followers   Glasgow, Scotland
Still Petty & ill Informed...
Pope Francis
14148274 followers   Vatican City
Welcome to the official Twitter page of His Holiness Pope Francis
Kevin Duignan
Dad of 2 lovely girls. Happy 😊 person. Chef. Never give in to hate. Love life. Read and learn. Dyslexia is a pain on twitter. #jc4pm #labour17 #inittowin
698 followers   England, United Kingdom
1. Act justly, walk humbly & love mercy. 2. Recovering idiot. 3. Politics, Economics and Cats. 4. Jesus threw money lenders out of the temple for a reason.
1414 followers   UK
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Jacob Rees-Mogg MP
14778 followers   Parody, North East Somerset.
Conservative MP for North East Somerset.
Gary Barlow
In Concert 2018 - Tickets on sale 20th October 10AM #gbsolo2018
Boris Johnson
370112 followers   London
Secretary of State for Foreign & Commonwealth Affairs. MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip
Mystic Nordic 🇪🇺
126 followers   Congleton & Trollhattan 🇪🇺
Worked internationally as an Occupational Safety, Health, Environment, Equality and Occupational Road Risk Consultant. Cancer and brain injury survivor
45 followers   United Kingdom
Just living life
emma whitby_jones.
3396 followers   Liverpool
Mum of 5 fantastic kids LFC, YNWA #JFT96 Scouse not English. Pancreatic cancer research. Hate injustice and the tories! Republican, Free Gaza
Jamie Robertson
1007 followers   Edinburgh, Scotland
Нello . I'm a gulf war veteran in recovery.
13444 followers   .Tulse Hill..Yard... Brixton..
Time to Yell...!
James Lloyd
1930 followers   Don't Go Near The Castle..
👁‍🗨 No News Is Better Than Bad News..
Julie Brough
1384 followers   Nottingham.
Rusty lawyer, children's fiction writer with a love of cake. I also work in social media.
eugene nowakowski
1225 followers   cardiff
Mark Flack
upbeat and pessimistic
490 followers   Devon UK
Labour, Corbyn, Mum, Nana, Retired, Vegetarian Atheist, Honest & Uncomplicated, Come the Revolution!
Andy Atkins❄
104 followers   Southend / London
A man with a sense of humour and (social) justice.
Harry Leslie Smith
124512 followers   United Kingdom
Survivor of the Great Depression, RAF veteran Activist for the Welfare State Author of Harry's Last Stand Love Among the Ruins, 1923 & The Empress of Australia
Max Penkethman
2270 followers   Earth.
Hates Bullies - Loves #Penkydog - Hates Cheese - #JTF96 - Striking miners daughter- Left Wing - RT's not endorsements --- Mrs @OneTenTwelve #SunNotWelcomeHere
Jon Howes
338 followers   Europe
Biker, IT Geek, Teacher\Trainer, Anarchist, Pacifist, Weekend\Evening Warrior for Social Justice. All opinions are mine or stolen from people with better ones.
Bert Hunt
193 followers   Glasgow, Scotland
Honesty is the best policy apparantley. Inspiration at the way forward. Twitter Analyst.and blocked by alan thomson who is proud to be blocked by others.
Heather Rawls
709 followers   South East, England
A hater of injustice and inequality. Lover of the natural world. Vegetarian. Avid reader. Proud owner of a shed.
🌹Stalla Simonin🌹
7177 followers   London uk
🌹I am hoping for a better future for my children and grandchildren main reason I support JEREMY CORBYN mm the most honest and strongest man in politics🌹
Paul Streeting
3107 followers   Bradford on Avon
A 60 year old guy who would like to make the world a fairer place to live for all. I don't follow USA fitness gurus, etc!
Steve Zodiac
58 followers   universe
Roaming Vast Galaxies searching for the brighter side of Life. Somewhere that's Fair, Just, and no ONE has to go hungry or sleep rough. Cya later Earth.
Daphne Miles
3065 followers   Canterbury
Retired English teacher. Bob Dylan,Shakespeare,Gerard M.Hopkins. Fluent French: Francophile. Fair Italian. Republican. Irish heart, CND. Remainer. Catholic.

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