Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
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Follow @Playboy. Pushing and removing buttons since 1953. Snapchat: Playboy
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The Official Twitter Account of India's Most Vibrant Political Movement - The Indian National Congress
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Changing the way we consume news.... RTs Do Not Imply Endorsements.. Follow my passion - for Parents of young kids.
Office of RG
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This is the official account of the Office of Rahul Gandhi | Member of Parliament | Vice President, Indian National Congress
सिर्फ तेंरा पागलपन
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🐘Fan of BSP🐘 नमों बुध्दाय जय भीम 🐘🐘 अगर आप BSP के समर्थन है FOLLOW ME PLEASE 🐘🐘
Bakchodi Pvt Ltd
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I tweet satire, politics, humour and current affairs. Founder - Siyappa Pvt Ltd. Followed by Piyush Goyal. Modi's follow up on the way..
Liberal Gandhi
Liberal indian hoping congress or AAP PM in 2019. I hate Right Wong Ideology. Don't mess with me you will get bad treatment. Tweet fun, feku comedy and more

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