Keepr launches a Facebook Chatbot
Peter Stefanovic
61260 followers   London
Lawyer/Journalist/Filmmaker debunking Political deceit! OVER 50 MILLION VIEWS! Join Bio
Katy Preen
1216 followers   Stockport, UK
Journalist, Author, Illustrator. Reading the comments so you don't have to.
Clare Hepworth OBE
24945 followers   North East
Socialist Trade Unionist.Passionate about Hsg. Social Justice & progressive politics. All views my own. RTs not endorsement. *Cede Nullis
Colin Valley #JC9 #HD2
4216 followers   Council Estate, HD2, Kirklees,
EU? 51st State of USA? Kirklees/Yorkshire within EU? Head's sure in a whirl for certainties. It is what it is for a while then changes us. Lazy singularitarian
Akshay Vara #GTTO
2008 followers   Wembley Central/Alperton
Happiness is when what you think, what you say & what you do are in harmony
Joni M #JC4PM #TheResistance (Female)
1229 followers   Below the needy.
Pernicious bigots can go away, go on shoo. Thearse May is a demagogue shill. Trump's Kakistocracy has to be eradicated. Dis-abled. Love all things Vampirey.
Not quite an Angel
994 followers   Haworth
I'll fight for fairness and against selfishness until my dying breath.Vegan. Irish/Jewish/Romany/Scottish & a bit of English. Bullies/Abusers will be blocked!
The Prole Star
Socialist news site counteracting mainstream media bias. Watch this space - and our FB page
Gayle Letherby #GTTO
2919 followers   Falmouth, Cornwall
Sociologist, feminist, socialist. Academic, civil celebrant, volunteer, activist. Writer: research, fiction, memoir, political citizen journalism

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